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Classic Who anyone?

As many of you will no doubt already know, the BBC has been uploading clips and even whole episodes of Classic Who for some time now via their own Youtube channel…

They’ve now decided that Classic Who deserves a channel of it’s very own. According to the BBC Press Office, BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, will be launching a Classic Doctor Who channel on YouTube on 4th January.

At the time I typed this up, I’d found several differing links, so I’m not certain which will/wont work for those outside the UK. Perhaps one of my readers can help us with this. The links I’ve found so far though are as follows;

BBCWorldwideTV – I suspect this only works outside the UK since I can’t access it, and therefore can’t check it for it’s Classic Who specific section. But the link I’ve been given for the classic Who stuff posted via that channel is this one.

BBCClassicDoctorWho – this one definitely does work for those in the UK, but I can’t tell if it will work for those outside.

And finally, today’s picture is nothing whatsoever to do with Doctor Who, I simply picked it because I can’t recall posting it before, and I’ve been re-watching the show since I got the DVD from Santa…

click for larger version


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  1. Interestingly enough, seems only the last one works outside the UK. Which is very unfortunate, because I just started watching the Classic episodes – they are so hard to find around here.

    Comment by Belle | January 5, 2011

    • I couldn’t access the first two either, although I’m told they should work, odd huh?

      I’ll update of course if I find any more links

      Comment by develish1 | January 6, 2011

  2. Sort of stuck on that picture, there… yes, that one…

    Will go back and read in a bit… 😀

    Comment by Jacy | January 5, 2011

    • I had a feeling you might be, lol

      Comment by develish1 | January 6, 2011

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