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TV to look out for this week…

Morning/afternoon everyone. I’ve been checking out the TV listings for the UK again to see what’s coming up, and it’s not a bad week again for those with Satellite, Cable and Freeview…

First, there are several chances to catch Who Do You Think You Are? again this week. It’s being shown on Yesterday (Sky 537, Virgin Media 203, Freeview 12) today, Mon 3rd Jan, at 7:00pm, and again tomorrow, Tues 4th Jan at 8:00am. Plus of course an hour later in both cases via their +1 channel.

Then Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) is of course still showing Doctor Who repeats in their own little apparently random way as follows, all of course are also shown an hour later on their +1 channel;

From Season Four –
Mon 4th Jan, 5:40pm – Partners In Crime
Tues 5th Jan, 5:40pm – The Fires of Pompeii
Weds 6th Jan, 5:40pm – Planet of the Ood
Thurs 7th Jan, 5:40pm – The Sontaran Stratagem

And then, on Fri 8th Jan,
5:00pm The Idiot’s Lantern, 6:00pm The Impossible Planet, 7:00pm The Satan Pit, 8:00pm Smith and Jones.

Sat 9th Jan,
4:00pm Love and Monsters, 5:00pm Fear Her, 6:00pm Doomsday

And finally, E4 (Sky 136, Virgin 144, Freeview 28) Sat 9th at 9:00pm – Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties.

And since that’s a rather ridiculous assortment of things to try to match today’s picture to, you get something a bit random instead. I doubt anyone will complain though…


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  1. *stares*

    Sorry, did you say something?


    Comment by helygen | January 3, 2011

    • nothing you didn’t already know I’m sure hon, and I bet I know exactly what you’re staring at…

      Comment by develish1 | January 3, 2011

  2. Hi dev! How are you doing? This is a really awesome photo of Mr. Tennant! Anyway, my husband found this link and I thought of you. Hope you like it!

    Comment by Windrose | January 4, 2011

  3. Besides BBCAmerica, SyFy has just added DW back to their line-up…

    And you just had to go with a yummy tummy picture, didn’t you? *wibble*

    Comment by Jacy | January 4, 2011

    • you’re surely not complaining about my choice of pic there Jacy?

      Hey, don’t drool on your keyboard, I’m not replacing it!

      Comment by develish1 | January 4, 2011

      • No drool on the keyboard. From experience, I’ve learned to wear a bib…

        Comment by Jacy | January 4, 2011

        • is that just when you’re here or is it a new fashion statement? lol

          Comment by develish1 | January 4, 2011

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