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Lazy Sunday…

Yes, I’m having a very lazy Sunday, and you do know what this means right? Random picture day of course…

And when I say random I really do mean it. In fact most of these I’ve no idea where on earth they came from, so maybe you can tell me?

Ok, I admit, that one I do at least know what show it comes from. It’s from Who Do You Think You Are? So I’m guessing it’s a screen cap I acquired at some point.

That one, nope, really can’t quite place it right now. Damn gorgeous smile though, wouldn’t you agree ladies?



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  1. Yum!

    Unless I’m mistaken, the second pic is from an interview in Los Angeles that David took part in, around the time of Comic Con in 2009

    He wore that gorgeous cream/golden suit for one of the Doctor Who Proms or concerts, and with the TARDIS in the background I’m guessing it’s one of those.

    Comment by helygen | January 2, 2011

    • definitely yum 🙂

      Think you’re right about the last one. I think it might be the one they did in Cardiff around the time of Children In Need

      Comment by develish1 | January 3, 2011

  2. Oh. My. God.

    That’s all… *sighs*

    Comment by Jacy | January 2, 2011

    • Well I’m glad you approve love 😉

      Comment by develish1 | January 3, 2011

  3. Simply gorgeous. I’d go as far as to say “divine”, and it wouldn’t be the first time…

    Comment by whogal | January 9, 2011

    • *waves* hey you, how come it’s taken you a week to spot these?

      Comment by develish1 | January 9, 2011

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