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Random Friday-ness…

Actually it’s probably no more random than any other day is around here, I’m not that organised at any time really, but hopefully I’ve found something to raise a smile…

Firstly, I literally stumbled across more DT on TV here in the UK, something I had no idea he was connected to. *slaps self* I really must work harder or they’ll take away my fan-girl membership card, lol. Anyway, the program is called Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice and David narrates. I haven’t watched the whole thing myself yet, but the clips I’ve seen are simply adorable, if you like polar bears, lol.

It’s available to watch now on iplayer here, and will be repeated on BBC One, on Mon 3 Jan, 2011, at 2:25am. There’s also a more in-depth article about the show, plus clips, here if anyone’s interested. For those who’d like to see a bit now, and those outside the UK who will probably have to wait a while to see it properly, here’s a clip…

There are also several other clips over at the BBC’s Youtube channel (search on Spy On The Ice), but I’m not certain if these will play for those outside the UK.

Since we’re in such a snowy mood with all of the above, I thought a snowy picture would be fitting too, so how about this one?

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  1. Thanks for posting the polar bears. I have been reading lots about it. Hope to watch it on the player later. Happy new year.

    Comment by mardy | December 31, 2010

    • you’re welcome Mardy 🙂 Happy New Year

      Comment by develish1 | December 31, 2010

  2. May I suggest that you follow @David_Tennant on Twitter? You’ll get daily updates on TV & radio appearances, including repeats, as well as all the latest news 😉

    Comment by helygen | December 31, 2010

    • Hi hon 🙂 I do follow that one already, but I’ve not been online much so I’ve missed rather a lot

      Comment by develish1 | December 31, 2010

  3. I loved the polar bear videos! Of course, I love wildlife videos period, but narrated by DT… party bonus! 😀

    Love snowy, sunglass-y, straw-hat-and-lei-wearing DT! Yeah, okay, love him without all of the foregoing but, still…

    Comment by Jacy | January 2, 2011

    • I know, how can you not love cute polar bears with added DT?

      and there really was no other pic I could go with, it had to be snowy and I just love that one so…

      Comment by develish1 | January 2, 2011

  4. Bears + DT = Heaven!

    I love both – in fact, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I have a bear called DT! Yes, I know, a bit nuts I suppose but I don’t care. He is very cute and I defy anyone to say otherwise.

    Comment by whogal | January 9, 2011

    • you’ll get no arguments here hon, you know that 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | January 9, 2011

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