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Mumble, grumble…

Yeah, not in the best of moods today, sorry folks. I finally got my hands on those t-shirts I ordered a month ago and found out why I had to pay extra VAT…

It’s a long and boring tale, but I’ll try to be brief. I ordered 2 t-shirts from a US based website. They’re one-offs so I couldn’t get them from anywhere closer to home. The week before Christmas I got a card through the door saying they couldn’t deliver them as there was a fee to pay, import VAT and a handling charge that came to £14 (about $21 US).

To say I was not happy would be a hell of an understatement, as I knew the value of the goods shouldn’t have been enough to warrant a fee, as they only cost $10 US each, well below the limit allowed before fees apply. I had to pay it though or I couldn’t even get them to find out why I was being charged. Well now I know; it’s because the imbecile who completed the Customs Declaration filled it in wrong, so it stated the parcel contained 2 t-shirts and a hoody, total cost $58, which is over the limit.

I can’t claim back the fee this end because as far as the tax people are concerned they charged me correctly based on the documentation. As you can imagine there’s a rather stern email on it’s way to the website owner as we speak. To lift my spirits I’ve been digging through some of Bex19’s older vids, and founds this one…



And since that’s a multi-Doctor vid, I’ve decided it’s only fair that you get multi-Doctor pics to go with it.  Hope you like them…(click to view slightly larger versions)



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  1. Hon, next time have them ship something to me and I’ll send it to you. Surely it would be cheaper! USPS ships (airmail, 5-8 days delivery) up to 4lbs for £14.00, and two t-shirts can’t weigh 4lbs – even with the packaging! Can it??

    I hope the company gives you some satisfaction!

    Comment by Jacy | December 31, 2010

    • Well I’ve had no reply yet, but holidays etc I was expecting to wait a few days before I hear from them. The annoying thing is that if they’d just filled in the damn form correctly I’d have had nothing to pay anyway.

      Oh by the way, if you haven’t yet, get over to ecclescult at lj, oh and tennant_love too, there’s posts at both you do not want to miss

      Comment by develish1 | December 31, 2010

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