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I need a Doctor…

Well actually, what I really need is a hot water bottle and a heap of chocolate. Thankfully at this time of year we do indeed have a fair amount of chocolate around the house…

Now, I really was going to post a review of the DW Christmas special A Christmas Carol. I’ve been trying to write it for a couple of days in fact, but every attempt I made just pushed my blood pressure up, and had me ranting, so I’ve decided I’m not going to bother.

All I will say is this;
Since when did it become okay to mess around in an individuals timeline, and what happened to consequences?
Since when did the Doctor just walk away and leave 100’s of people trapped in freezers without even a comment regarding their freedom?

I could go on rather a lot more but I wont. All I will say is that in the wake of the season 5 finale, watching A Christmas Carol has left me even more worried about where DW is going than I already was. I’m sure SM means well, but it just seems to me that the longer he’s in charge, the more he’s turning a character that I’ve loved for years, into someone I’m not sure I even like any more. Here’s a preview of Season 6 for those who haven’t seen it yet…

After that I feel the need for some smiley DT, so I went and found us some. I don’t think I’ve posted this one before, but it comes from Trick Or Treat for those who don’t know…


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  1. No chocolate here. It’s all at the office, and I’m home because I’d taken the day off in anticipation of my young’un being here. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard had other plans, and he is currently in Fort Polk, LA assisting at the armory there, so…

    I’ve already had my say about the Christmas episode. I wasn’t as impressed with the story as I would have liked. It had its moments. One very special moment, in fact, that had “Rose” written all over it! Other than that, I enjoyed the DW marathon much more…

    Moving on…

    God knows I prefer the Stetson to the fez. I’m just sayin’… Of course, I see Stetsons every day. Every day. Lots of ’em.

    Honestly, I liked the previews. Not the naked River hint; although, going with the various costumes in the preview, she could have been wearing a very low-cut, off-the-shoulder number. Maybe. Hopefully. But I am excited about the Doctor having adventures here in the States. We don’t see that often – not since the Daleks in Manhattan, have we? It isn’t even written about that often, is it? I mean, ratio of off-world adventures to State-side adventures must be staggering! Makes me wonder just exactly how alien are we? *lol*

    But I agree with you regarding Steven Moffatt. He has given us some brilliant episodes in the past: “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”, and “Blink” come immediately to mind. But he also gave us “The Girl In The Fireplace”. (And I really want to change my Teaspoon name… *rolls eyes*) And I absolutely agree that he has, at best, a careless approach to canon and, at worst, an arrogant need to remake the DW world to suit himself. If that continues, I won’t be happy…

    Now for the DT eye-candy… Yum. Could eat him with a spoon. *drools*

    Comment by Jacy | December 29, 2010

    • I agree there were some good moments, but sadly that’s all they were, moments, and for me they were overshadowed by so many things that made me want to scream at my TV *sigh*

      Given SM’s recent treatment of things DW I’m not terribly hopeful for next season, but I do agree that the Stetson is a massive improvement on that damned fez, lol

      And yes, lets get back to the eye-candy 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | December 29, 2010

  2. Love canon! Canon is what real fans live for, isn’t it? And when you start disregarding that… well, my brother said it a few days ago: the average age of the DW audience is dropping with alarming rates. Even The SJ Andventures look more mature and plausible than that last Christmas Special.

    Anyway… the other thing my brother said: does SM read any critics? Where do I have to stand and protest in order to be heard?

    Finally, in case I don’t read you in the next few days, Happy New Year!

    Comment by Belle | December 30, 2010

    • I’m starting to think SM has his own plan for the series and fans be damned. In doubt he listens to anyone, if he did he’d have noticed the unhappiness by now. I’m seeing it everywhere, long time fans are just fed up.

      Comment by develish1 | December 30, 2010

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