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Another week gone?

This just keeps happening doesn’t it? Next thing I know someone will be trying to tell me it’s nearly Christmas…oh….wait…

Anyway, since it is Caturday, let’s get on with the cheez shall we? Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I want this sweater…

funny pictures-ohai... u'r home early...  i iz knitting u a sweater...see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I do, on the other hand, think this little guy has a definite plan, as far as getting comfy goes, no matter what his owner thinks…

funny dog pictures - Yes, I are comfy.  Y u ask?see more dog and puppy pictures

Back on thoughts of Christmas though, these actually look kinda fun, although I think you’d need a silly hat to go with them…

Crazy Shoes - Sexy Elfsee more If Shoes Could Kill

Although…if the hat has a similar affect on you as the one this guys wearing seems to have done, perhaps that not such a great idea…

Funny Food Photos - Reddi-wip Santasee more My Food Looks Funny

This one is just silly, but I simply couldn’t resist, so…erm…apologies? Ah who cares, you lot are probably laughing too…

The Sorting Hat Has Spoken!see more Lol Celebs


And finally….oh yes, before I post this….a warning for whogal – WARNING – ok, that’s that covered, now where was I? Ah yes, the cute…


he's so cute   and the cat isn't bad either


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  1. Being a “big picture” kind of girl, I have to say that Readi-whip on the same web-page as DT or CE just sends my mind to places it really shouldn’t oughta go…

    Oh, hell. Why not?

    Comment by Jacy | December 18, 2010

    • did you even look at the first 3 pics, or just go straight for the men? 😉

      as for DT, or CE and cream….yes, erm…. I’m so glad hubby doesn’t read this blog at times like this, lol

      Comment by develish1 | December 18, 2010

  2. I looked! *lol* The first one looks like my study, and the second… well, I have on cat on my shoulder and the other on my feet, so I can relate! As for the third… those shoes scare me!!

    And I will make no apologies for going straight to the men! 😀

    Comment by Jacy | December 18, 2010

    • the first, well if I were to turn around…I’m just not going to, lol. My cats don;t often sleep on me though so I’m lucky there I guess.

      and I really don’t blame you for going straight to the men, I expect everyone else will too 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | December 18, 2010

  3. *sigh* I LOVE that Doctor/kitty picture!

    Comment by whogal | December 22, 2010

    • me too, why do you think I keep using it? lol

      Comment by develish1 | December 22, 2010

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