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Slightly damp, but I’m here…

So, today I’m laughing in an attempt not to cry. The kitchen floor is wet, we assume it’s coming from somewhere under the sink, so guess what? We’re waiting on a plumber, again. In the meantime though, let there be tux…

Thought I’d start with something smiley since I could do with a smile, and since we always have at least one Hamlet pic on a tuxday that one seemed like a good place to start. Okay, next…

Ooh, not so smiley, but it IS a tux, so deal with it. Maybe I should go back to the Hamlet pics though, what do you think?

so maybe not too smiley, but not nearly as stern looking either, right? although, then I found this one, which I actually can’t identify but think might also be Hamlet, so anyone?

And finally, since it’s my blog and I’m grumpy and have cramps, and there isn’t enough chocolate in the world right now, I’m indulging myself again, with the sexy specs…


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  1. I should not be looking at these pictures at work. I am getting nothing done. Thank you.

    Comment by mardy G | December 7, 2010

    • you’re welcome, and let’s be honest, you’d rather be gazing than working 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | December 7, 2010

  2. Sorry to hear of your ongoing saga! Let’s hope things get better really soon.

    On to happier things… Mmmm, smiley Hamlet – always a winner for me! 🙂

    Aww,in the second one he looks like a wee boy who’s been told to go to bed! *sulky face* !

    He always looks delicious in those behind the scenes ones, I think.

    I think the mystery one may well be Hamlet – he may be being told about the sighting of his ghostly father…

    Mmmm, very nice – sexy specs and chin… 😀
    OOH, and that gorgeous Adam’s apple of his! *THUD*

    I know what you mean about the cramps, I’m suffering with them too – so I worked from home today. I have a rehearsal later, though – no peace for the wicked! 😦

    Comment by whogal | December 7, 2010

    • I’m refusing to give in, there’s a heater pointed at my feet so at least they’re toasty, and the rest of me isn’t too bad, aside from the cramps. Hubby is feeling a little better today too so that’s good news

      Comment by develish1 | December 7, 2010

      • Good for you, that’s the good old British spirit coming out! 🙂

        Hope all aches and pains are soon a distant memory.


        Comment by whogal | December 8, 2010

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