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Is it quiet in here?

I guess it’s the time of year. I know you’re still visiting, well someone is, because my views haven’t dropped much, but you’re all rather quiet…..Too cold to type? That’s certainly my excuse, although there is hope that we’ll have some heating restored at some point later today, although I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime though, a reminder to my readers in the UK who have access to the relevant channels, about some DT on TV in the coming days…

Yes, the QI Christmas special is being shown on Dave again. This time though it’s the XL version, so it’s worth a look, even if you have seen it before. You can catch it tonight at 9:00pm, and again at 11:20pm, or an hour later of course on Dave Ja Vu.

And for those of you can get Watch, they’re showing DT’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? So if you’ve never seen it, or simply want to watch it again, you can, at 8:00pm on Sunday December 5, 2010, or an hour later on their plus 1 channel.

Finally, today’s random DT picture comes from Trick Or Treat, simply because I like the picture and I don’t think I’ve posted it before, or if I have it’s been a while…


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  1. Sorry for the quiet… I’m still dealing a little with issues from the allergy attack, plus another thing. But the weekend is almost upon me and, other than a few errands tomorrow, I should be back to making a nuisance of myself…

    I saw the “Who Do You Think You Are” on BBCAmerica and, if I hadn’t already been in ❤ with DT, I would have been after seeing it. Lovely episode… 🙂

    And, once again, he's the only "manly man" I've ever seen who can totally pull off a velvet jacket. And he can pull it off anytime he would like, for all of me… 😉

    Comment by Jacy | December 3, 2010

    • oh you don’t make a nuisance of yourself love, quite the opposite 🙂 although I’m still waiting for some ideas from you on how to get past my writers block, lol.

      as for DT puling of a velvet jacket, I’m totally behind that, or in front, or to the side…

      Comment by develish1 | December 3, 2010

      • From what I read, it looked like you have gotten past it! Whereas mine is still standing like the Rock of Gibralter…

        Comment by Jacy | December 4, 2010

        • nope, what I posted at lj goes right up to the point of my complete STOP, lol. So, any suggestions would be good 🙂

          Comment by develish1 | December 4, 2010

  2. HellO!

    Sorry I’ve been a wee bit quiet lately. No excuses!

    Oh he’s so cute! I love that QI show, and although I’ve seen it very recently I may just force myself to watch it again…

    I can’t say I like the red velvet THAT much, but he still looks lovely, so that’s OK.

    WDYTHYA is FANTASTIC – he’s so thoughtful and intelligent – it’s a great watch. I know he’s interested in history – who can forget him talking about his feelings after seeing Pompeii for DWC?

    And that last pic is uber-cute! 🙂 I haven’t seen that programme in a while – is he being hypnotised? He looks like he’s just awoken from a deep sleep… Now THAT’S how I’d like to see him! 😉

    Comment by whogal | December 3, 2010

    • yes that was either just before, or straight after, he was was hypnotised.

      Comment by develish1 | December 3, 2010

    • Sleepy looking DT… yeah, now my mind is going there… *lol*

      Comment by Jacy | December 4, 2010

      • mine does that, A lot 😉

        Comment by develish1 | December 4, 2010

  3. Aww, how sweet!

    Comment by whogal | December 3, 2010

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