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Hopefully her eyes are working today…

Ladies, one of our number has been unwell. Having spent a very busy Thanksgiving, she then suffered a rather unpleasant reaction to something she ate, and has therefore been unwell for a few days now…

So, to perk up her spirits, and knowing she has a certain, erm, fondness for the actor in question, today I bring you a very specific vid clip…(edited to add, vid is NSFW due to nudity)

And to go with that, I also bring a picture that I think she’ll approve of, in fact I’m fairly certain she’ll be drooling all over her keyboard right about now…

Enjoy my dear 🙂 And now, to my DT picture for today, and I’m really not sure I can adequately explain why I chose this one, except that it gave me all sorts of very, very bad ideas…

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  1. *thud*



    Holy Hannah, the video was seven kinds of awesome… but the picture of bearded, slyly smiling CE goodness… *heart flutters* Yes, I’m feeling much, much better now… Thank you! 🙂

    Eyes are somewhat back to normal now. Took only a wet flannel, and not a hammer and chisel, this morning to get them open, and the swelling is almost all gone.

    Oh, and the “bad ideas” engendered by the last picture… Sister, I’m right there with ya! *lol*

    Comment by Jacy | November 28, 2010

    • ooh, have you seen this one?

      also NSFW by the way 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 28, 2010

      • Yes. Yes, I have. *nods emphatically* It’s been on my favorite list for a while now… He’s just so freakin’ hot in it! *lol*

        Comment by Jacy | November 28, 2010

        • check my favs when you’re at youtube next, there a few other CE ones in there, although you likely have most of them

          Comment by develish1 | November 28, 2010

  2. I honestly didn’t go looking for a CE vid for you, but I stumbled on that one while looking at DW related stuff and just knew I had to post it.

    I’m also well aware of your preference for the scruffier look, and well he is rather yummy in that pic 🙂

    As for the bad ideas, well yes, erm…

    Comment by develish1 | November 28, 2010

  3. Aww, I do like CE! He was lovely on Top Gear, wasn’t he?

    I’ll check out the vid later…

    Oooh, punish me, Mr Smith! I’ve been a bad fangirl! 😉

    Hey, Jacy, glad you’re back in the land of the living!

    Comment by whogal | November 30, 2010

    • glad to see we’re all the same wavelength with that John Smith pic, lol

      Comment by develish1 | November 30, 2010

      • OH yes! 😉

        Somehow, don’t ask me how, his total hawtness totally cancels out the unsexy factor of a mortarboard… Quite an achievemenet! 🙂

        Comment by whogal | November 30, 2010

        • and there was me thinking it was the cane… 😉

          Comment by develish1 | November 30, 2010

    • Thanks! It’s nice not looking like I went 10 round with Mike Tyson! *lol*

      As for “punishment”… where exactly is that queue?? 😀

      Comment by Jacy | December 1, 2010

      • get behind me you! I was here first I tell ya!

        Comment by develish1 | December 1, 2010

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