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I’m getting later…

Sorry, again. I’ve been off into our nearest town wandering around shop most of the day today so I simply haven’t had chance to get online till now…

And no, sorry I still don’t have all the promised pictures for you either. I’m still waiting on hubby and his lovely camera for pics of the goodies, but.. I did get the scanner to co-operate, so here’s a look at singed pics he brought home…

That’s hubby’s pic, and here’s mine but I had to shrink it a bit to fit on the page, so click it to view a larger version…

Don’t worry, there’s some DT too, I wouldn’t deprive you now would I? I can’t remember if I’ve posted either of these before, so apologies if I’m yet again repeating myself…

Yes, that one is from The Quatermass Experiment, and this next one is of course a promo pic/wallpaper for Casanova, simply because I think he looks cute in it…


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  1. Gordon Bennett! ; ).

    I could probably do without the scary guys, but the good doctor and cheeky Giac make it all better! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | November 22, 2010

    • sorry, maybe I should have warned about the scary, lol

      but at least I made up for it 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 22, 2010

  2. Yeah, at least a public health warning! 🙂

    You did indeed, in spades… *sigh*

    Happy #DoctorWhoDay !

    Did you have a lovely Tennant sesh last night?

    I loved the Dahl programme – I lost the last 15 mins as I said, cos I listened to Book at Bedtime *shivers* and that was great! But I recorded the RD prog anyway.

    I look forward to more bedtime stories tonight and of course Foyle’s war, when I get round to it!

    So, no spoilers please, people, mkay? 😉

    Comment by whogal | November 23, 2010

    • didn’t get to hear any of it 😦 but I’m hoping to catch the repeat of Foyle’s War, and maybe I can catch the Dahl thing on iplayer

      Comment by develish1 | November 23, 2010

  3. Yeah, the RD thing should be there by now; it’s worth a listen, if only to hear DT say “snozwangle” and various other wonderful Dahlesque words! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | November 24, 2010

    • might give it a listen tonight after hubby goes to bed, can’t really appreciate it with the TV on in the background

      Comment by develish1 | November 24, 2010

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