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Excuse me while I SQUEEE!

I’m not really the squeeing sort, well not very often anyway, but today I think I have good cause. You see hubby went to Memorabilia in Birmingham today, and came back with a bag of goodies, for me…

So, I am now the proud owner of;

  • A personalised, signed photo of Doug Bradley in full Pinhead make-up.
  • A Tardis blue mug, with the words (?) of the Doctor Who theme on the side.
  • A silver coloured Seal Of Rassilon keyring.
  • A gold coloured Seal Of Rassilon necklace
  • An Eighth Doctor’s Tardis key
  • And…….a prop-replica quality copy of…….Ten’s sonic screwdriver

I’ll post pics tomorrow hopefully, as I’ll likely have stopped shaking by then (god I’m such a fan girl at times) but for now, I think I might need a lie down…

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