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Cheez, with a twist…

What can I say, I’m in withdrawal. I’m lacking in Ten, among other things, so Caturday has been somewhat taken over by assorted DW and DT stuff…

Apologies if I’ve posted any of these before, I really can’t recall, but then I am putting this together after a bottle of wine and far too little sleep…

This... This Is Not Good...

What? It made me giggle. Although on second thoughts maybe that was the wine. Okay, what’s next? Ah yes, this will do nicely…

Are you sure installing a cat flap in the TARDIS is a good idea?

Oh come on, it’s not that bad surely, is it? Okay then, how about some Eleven, we don’t see him often in here now do we?


Right…erm…not sure what to post next. Oh, I know, how about some Five, with a dash of Ten on the side? Does that work for you?

What's with the celery?

What is it about the look on Ten’s face in that pic that does things to me? Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, how about some Cap’n Jack?


Oh, sorry, I lost the plot again didn’t I? Okay, let’s bring things to a close today with one last DT picture. And whilst posting this I would like to point out that I have never written anything, erm, questionable. I might have read some of it…



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  1. Oh I do like a good laugh! The de Lorean/TARDIS crash made me giggle, too, so it can’t be the wine…

    I wonder who the catflap’s for?!

    In the “celery” one, DT looks as though he’s fallen victim to the OC’s lie detector! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | November 13, 2010

  2. you know, I can’t actually recall off the top of my head which ep that catflap pic is from, any idea?

    Comment by develish1 | November 13, 2010

  3. Yes, David… we probably should be ashamed of all the fan-fic. But we’re not… *lol*

    Hmmm… the only catflap scene I remember from DW is the one from “Rose”.

    Comment by Jacy | November 14, 2010

    • yeah, me too, been racking my brains over that pic and I still can’t place it

      Comment by develish1 | November 14, 2010

  4. ladies, our sanity has been saved, what was left anyhow, that scene is from Partners In Crime, just under 7 minutes in if you’re watching the DVD

    screen shots of the cat-flap scene –

    Comment by develish1 | November 14, 2010

    • *slaps forehead* Oh, yeah! Investigating how the little “fat creatures” were getting in and out…

      Comment by Jacy | November 15, 2010

      • I slapped mine too, and do you want to know the really shameful thing? it was hubby who identified the ep after hearing me muttering in frustration.

        My nerdiness has taken a severe blow *hangs head in shame*

        Comment by develish1 | November 15, 2010

    • nice 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 16, 2010

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