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Bond..I mean Tuxday…

Yes it’s that time of the week again ladies. Grab your padding in case you *thud*, your cloths for the drooling, and follow me…

First, someone recently mentioned another Scotsman in a comment here, so I decided he should feature as our guest tux pic this week. Since she didn’t specify if she preferred younger or older, I’ve gone for a classic picture of the man in question…


This however gave me ideas, as you can no doubt tell from the title of today’s post, especially when I looked through some of the pics that Fran sent me a while back and found this…


Yes, you’ve guessed it, all today’s DT pics are of his yummy self looking rather Bond-like. I’m sure you’ll all approve. Oh and the next three came from Fran too…




You know me though, I was left thinking that first DT pic was rather yummy, and just had to go find the wallpaper it’s based on, and of course edit it to cut out Martha so we can focus on the best bit…

original image courtesy of the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site


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  1. “My name’s Tennant. David Tennant”

    Well, it could happen! Why not??! The man needs gainful employment…

    I particularly like the one when he’s walking away from all the chaos (and sparks) behind him – cool dude! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | November 9, 2010

    • know what you mean, I’ll have to look for a larger version. I think it’s from Voyage Of The Damned, but it’s one Fran sent me a while ago, so not certain till I go looking

      Comment by develish1 | November 9, 2010

  2. I love that picture of Sean Connery! I’ve been in lurv with the man since I was a wee caileag… The fact that he and my father looked so much alike may have had something to do with that… Not really sure what that means… *lol*

    The last one is my favorite. Bottom lip, quirky eyebrow. Intense. Yummy. 😀

    Comment by Jacy | November 10, 2010

    • glad you like it Jacy. See, I do listen to suggestions, lol. Now, about next week….?

      I also had a feeling that last one would be your pick too 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 10, 2010

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