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I finally watched it…

Yes, while I was absent on Wednesday I finally got to see part 4 of Single Father, so I thought I’d bring you some pictures, while my net connection is stable enough for me to load them up…

Yes, I’ll apologise now, just in case. I’m typing this up on Thursday you see, as I’ve no idea if I’ll be around to do it on Friday. My net connection is yet again snapping on and off as it pleases, so before it dies…I think this one might be my favourite screen grab from part 4…


I just think he looks adorable there, and I doubt any of my regular readers will argue with me on that. And then of course there’s this one, which I really couldn’t not post…


Ok, while I get my breath back, how about this one, from the scene that convinced me his sister in law (for want of a better term) actually did have a heart under all the “domineering bitch” facade…


Yes, that’s the scene where she tells him to go for it with Sarah. Now, before I post the final pic today I have to mention this…Hubby pointed me at the reviews posted on Amazon (where he’d been to place a pre-order for the DVD without being asked, bless him) and one of the comments even had him asking WTF?

“The tragic ending though is very unsatisfactory. It completely revised my opinion of a major character and had such repercussions for the story that the last 3 minutes ruined the whole thing. I now despise one character so much that I won’t watch it again.”

Now I’m sorry, but was this person watching the same show I was? Did they maybe accidentally swap channels before the end or something? Because somehow they seem to have seen a completely different ending to the one hubby and myself did.

Ok, so it wasn’t all “happily ever after” but none of us expected that did we? I personally thought that despite everything, including Sarah’s admissions in those last scenes, that it ended on a hopeful note, and that they would at least try to make it work. Hardly tragic then really. So I’ll leave you with that thought, and this picture from that final scene…

All the originals of today’s screen grabs come courtesy of Tennant Photos

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  1. I’ve seen some strange reactions to the ending, and that one’s right there with them! How on earth do they view it as a tragic ending?

    I know I’m biased as far as David is concerned, but I loved every single second of “Single Father” – it was so heartbreakingly realistic (uncomfortably so at times) and the actors were all absolutely fantastic. And, yes, there was an indecent amount of pretty to look at 😉

    Comment by johannanield | November 5, 2010

    • your comment pretty much sums up my thoughts too, and I do so love the pretty 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 6, 2010

  2. Tragic? What? *is confused*

    Honestly, I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t wrapped up like a Christmas present. Made it more genuine, I thought…

    DT horizontal. Horizontal and shirtless. Yes. *happy sigh*

    *points the sonic screwdriver at your internet connection* There. That should take care of it! 😀

    Comment by Jacy | November 5, 2010

    • yep, confused is a good word, I’m still thinking maybe someone switched channels on them and they didn’t notice, it’s the only thing that makes sense *shrug*

      Well as you can see I do have a connection at the moment, although it has been a bit on/off again earlier today, so here’s hoping it’s fine tomorrow

      Comment by develish1 | November 6, 2010

    • oh and yes, horizontal, shirtless and looking only half awake is my favourite way to have any yummy man *grabs fan and day dreams*

      Comment by develish1 | November 6, 2010

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