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Quick reminder to vote…

For anyone who isn’t already aware of this, DT is in the selection being voted on for Most Attractive Man this month over at the Hello magazines website. He’s currently coming second to Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and we can’t have him beaten by a vampire now can we? Click here to vote now, and remember, you can vote again every 15  minutes.


November 2, 2010 - Posted by | Random Thoughts |


  1. DT’s winning again, now! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | November 2, 2010

    • good, lets make sure we keep him there 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 2, 2010

  2. Oh, hell, NO we’re not going to let him lose to a vampire! Not no way, not no how!


    Comment by Jacy | November 2, 2010

    • well since I posted he’s now moved in the lead by about 250 votes, but that could easily change so keep voting, remember you can do it every 15 minutes

      Comment by develish1 | November 2, 2010

  3. Ladies! The vamp fans are out in force it seems, they’ve closed the gap quite a lot, so get voting! There’s only 20 votes between DT and the vamp as I head for bed

    Comment by develish1 | November 3, 2010


    Apropos of DT (but not voting, sorry)! a bunch of people with muscles instead of brains have been mouthing off about DT saying how arrogant he is. Huh. Have they looked in the mirror? SO I gave them a piece of my mind. I know, I know, I should have left it but it makes me mad them going on about someone they don’t even know. Bunch of t*ssers. OK, rant over.

    Comment by whogal | November 3, 2010

    • I think the words I’m looking for are “sad” and “jealous”

      Comment by develish1 | November 4, 2010

  5. Oh, and poor DT’s losing again. To a ruddy vampire. There is NO justice in this world, not for nice people anyway!

    Comment by whogal | November 3, 2010

    • He’s ahead again… 😀

      Comment by Jacy | November 3, 2010

      • think it’s going to be a close thing, but so far we’re keeping him in the lead. keep passing on the word ladies, and voting of course

        Comment by develish1 | November 4, 2010

  6. Obviously, I don’t read your blog often enough, Dev. Anyway, when I read this post I was quite worried for DT, seriously 😛

    But… he’s leading again… Moreover, he’s more than 2500 votes ahead! What have you been doing the last 3 days, ladies 😉

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Belle | November 5, 2010

    • well I’m doing my best, and encouraging others too 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | November 6, 2010

      • Wow, have you seen the votes gap?! We’re well ahead.

        Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned the shocking discrepancy between the number of votes for most attractive man and for most attractive woman… lol

        Comment by Belle | November 6, 2010

        • guess there are way more fangirls than fanboys, lol

          Comment by develish1 | November 6, 2010

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