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He’s still got it…

Yesterday, I was reading our local evening newspapers review of Doctor Who Live, the stage show that’s been doing the rounds in the UK recently…


The full article can be found here, but the specific bit that made me chuckle, and resulted in the title of today’s post, was this;

“Smith’s extraordinarily charismatic, razor-sharp acting was the most dynamic element of the production, for all its pyrotechnics. But, even so, when the big screen showed a roll call of all the 11 TV Doctors, it was impossible not to notice that his predecessor David Tennant was by far the most popular with the audience, drawing cheers dwarfing those for any of his rivals.”

Why am I not surprised? and since that gives me such a great excuse, not that I needed one really, here’s a picture of DT as the Doctor…

original image courtesy of David

I also come bearing more Single Father stuff for you to gaze upon. Firstly, there’s an eight and a half minute “behind the scenes” video over at the BBC’s website, here.

Sadly there’s no embed options for the BBC version, so you’ll have to pop over there to see it, and I’m not sure if it will work for those outside the UK. But, I do have a shorter version of this that I’m told will play for everyone…

And before I head off in search of more coffee, I really do have to include a single Father picture to round things off nicely, don’t I? So here’s one of my own screen grabs, enjoy…


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  1. *lol* I have a mental image of some possibly, somewhat slightly irrational Whovian catching a glimpse of the Dalek and the Cyberman and, well, things getting a little out of hand…

    And, no, I’m not projecting… 😀

    And… *whinges* why can’t we get live DW shows?? All we get over here are, like, “Barney” or “Sesame Street” or whatever. ‘S not fair!

    Seeing Freema reminds me… I’ve been meaning to ask… what sort of reception did Law & Order: UK have over there? I’ve caught some episodes on BBC:America, and enjoyed them. It’s a formula that works well for us here but I’m interested in your thoughts…

    Comment by Jacy | October 29, 2010

  2. Well from all I’ve read it wasn’t that amazing a show, Smith wasn’t even there after all.

    I did watch Law & Order UK actually, but to be honest I spent most of my time (as I’m sure many others did) picking it apart as I’d already seen the US stories the UK one wass based on. I got the impressions form it’s total lack of repeats that it didn’t fair that well

    Comment by develish1 | October 29, 2010

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