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DT on TV again this week…

Sadly this relates to a UK show, so apologies to those outside the UK as you might have difficulty seeing this, but…I also come bearing a picture…

Anyway, for those who can receive UK TV and don’t already know about this, David will be on-screen on Monday 25 October 2010. He’s one of the guests on Ask Rhod Gilbert, which airs at 10:35 pm on BBC One. More info is available over at their website here.

As a consolation prize for those who can’t see it though, and for the rest of us to if I’m honest, I bring you a promo picture taken for the show, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is seriously THUD-worthy…

I don’t think I’ll bother adding anything further today, as if you’re anything like me you’re all sitting there staring at your screen with your brains going to some very bad (or should that be good?) places. Enjoy ladies 🙂


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  1. Now that I have discovered MegaUpload (for “Single Father”, and can I just say Guh! re tonight’s episode? What is it about that man and hotel rooms!), my thoughts about becoming an expatriate merely for the pleasure of what y’all can watch on telly have diminished somewhat.

    So, maybe, the ARG show will be available for viewing online, in its entirety and without the unkind cuts by BBCAmerica… 😀

    Comment by Jacy | October 25, 2010

  2. don’t you mean what is it about that man and his need to throw women down on hotel beds? lol (must find a way to get him alone in a hotel room)

    I’m hoping one of those over at tennant_love at lj will record it, (they generally use megaupload to share) as I’d like a copy too and can’t record it due to a clash with something hubby wants. He’s part way through a series so I can’t really argue as he records everything else I ask him to.

    Comment by develish1 | October 25, 2010

  3. *wibble*

    Actually I’m not happy – I missed this last night, owing to my PC/TV/Hard Drive playing up. Grr. And they don’t repeat it. GRR.

    I did see some of it though, and it was very funny!

    “COCKRELS CROW WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT!” (I feel a t-shirt slogan coming on…)

    I know that DT’s Twitter site has put some links up to it so I’ll try to watch (and with any luck record) it later.

    Comment by whogal | October 26, 2010

    • if all you want is to watch it, rather than save it, it’s up now on iplayer now. If I come across any good D/L links though I’ll let you know 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | October 26, 2010

      • I thought it might be up on iPlayer by now…

        OK thanks a lot! I was so p’d off last night…

        Comment by whogal | October 26, 2010

  4. you’re welcome 🙂 I’ll post a couple of screen grabs from it tomorrow

    Comment by develish1 | October 26, 2010

    • Cor, thanks! He does look delicious… *nibble*

      Comment by whogal | October 26, 2010

      • I’ve got a lovely smiley one, you’ll love it 🙂

        Comment by develish1 | October 26, 2010

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