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New picture…

Yes, today I come with a new picture for you all, well most, some might have seen it already but for those who haven’t… What? Oh, I’m waffling again aren’t I? OK…

First, the situation looks good for my chances of seeing JS in Hamlet next week. An online friend, who has already seen it, has tickets for next Thursday’s show and has suffered that dreaded fate of having the person she was supposed to go with drop out. So I’m currently trying to organise the possibly fiddly process of purchasing her tickets from her, further updates to follow…

original image courtesy of John Simm Online

Secondly, that same friend was also at both (yes you read that correctly) evenings of Celebrity Autobiography, which DT appeared in. To read her review of the show, and see a couple for pictures of the “cast” including DT, please click here. Feel free to tell her I sent you. 🙂

And finally for today, I promised a new picture didn’t I? Well here it is, it’s from some filming DT was doing back in June. I understand it’s for extras or an intro for a new classic DW DVD box set that’s being put together, Revisitations II, due 2011…

original image courtesy of edstradling


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  1. First… bit of a Master-ish look in John’s eyes. Oddly, that makes me feel better. Because you know how I like it when people stay within the parameters established by my somewhat wonky sense of what should be…

    (…parenthetically, I must wonder, where in the hell that little ramble came from… *lol*)

    Second, the picture of DT, minus his Ten sideburns, with Eleven looking over his shoulder… and not a pin-stripe in sight… *sighs*

    God, is it Friday yet?!?!

    Comment by Jacy | October 15, 2010

    • you and your rambles are always welcome here, you know that 🙂

      my source tell me they’re likely DT’s own clothes, since he simply turned up in them for the filming, although he did also bring a change of clothes with him, but said source would not be drawn further on this.

      Comment by develish1 | October 15, 2010

      • I’m sorry… the words “clothes” and “change of clothes” sort of jumbled together and started forming little pictures in my mind… what were you saying? *lol*

        (Thank you for the encouragement, and for deleting the double post!)

        Comment by Jacy | October 16, 2010

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