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I don’t rant all that often do I?

but this latest bit of DW news has left me almost speechless. Warning, post contains swearing…

I’m only almost speechless mind you, since I do have one thing to say…WHAT THE FUCK!!?!

Ok, I’m not just a Tennant fangirl (although I have been accused of being one on several occasions, nor am I just a fan fic reader, and occasional writer, I’m a long, long time fan of Doctor Who, full stop.

So I was rather appalled to read this article earlier over at the Gaurdian’s website, which states that the Doctor is now simply immortal, with no limit on the number of regenerations he can have. The BBC are not disputing the claim, they simply refused to elaborate, so I guess it’s probably true.

I know many of us where already expecting some “tweaking” of cannon in order to allow a few extra regenerations, since the BBC now realises what a cash cow they have on their hands, but to simply throw out one of the mainstays of canon feels just so wrong to me. And to do it via a throw away line in the spin off show….

I’m going off to find some fluff to read, because I’m in a crap mood now. Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. What?
    That weird, I guess they couldn’t come up with any ideas for how the Doctor could cheat and keep going? What’s the harm there?

    Comment by Anita Marie | October 13, 2010

    • I dunno why it bugs me so much, but it does. Part of the thrill is that if he isn’t careful he’ll run out of chances, just like anyone does, removing the limit makes him basically immortal, no risk of him ever getting to a stage where he might actually die properly, it just seems wrong to me as a long time fan.

      Hey, did you see the Tuxday pics?

      Comment by develish1 | October 13, 2010

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