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Single Father Sunday…

Yes, it’s finally here, Single Father starts tonight on BBC at 9:00pm. I know none of my readers outside the UK will be jumping for joy over this, since you wont be able to see it just yet, but I have brought treats…

All the stuff I bring today clips wise comes courtesy of Youtube, so hopefully everyone can watch/listen. So, to start with, a recording of the interview done for the BBC radio program Woman’s Hour, it’s audio only, but there some nice pics to look at while you listen…


Now, how about a clip from the Paul O’Grady Live show, which was shown on ITV. Although I’m sure you’d guessed that was what was next because of the pic, right? (above screengrab is my own)


And the final video clip for today comes from the interview done for BBC Breakfast, shown on 8 October 2010…


And to finish off the day, a couple of pictures you may not have seen yet, both are “happy pics” though as I think we’re in for enough tears tonight. I originally snagged these from Blogter Who, although they are of course all ©BBC…


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  1. Nice summary. I love it when David has busy weeks. 🙂

    Comment by Helen | October 10, 2010

  2. Thanks Helen, that was just a sample actually, there’s so much stuff out there right now but my hangover could only handle so much, lol

    Oh and thanks for dropping by too 🙂

    Comment by develish1 | October 10, 2010

  3. Just so you know… I’ve watched the download, and I’ve been crying for the last 30 minutes… jeez louise…

    Comment by Jacy | October 11, 2010

    • even though I said I was going to wait and watch it with hubby, I ended up watching it alone last night. I think I killed my bear, he looks kind of “squished” lol

      Comment by develish1 | October 11, 2010

  4. OH NO! Poor bear! 😦

    DT DOES look lovely in all these – and if you go to “Roasting David Tennant” you’ll find a rather funny (but slightly mean, I guess) caption to the last picture… 🙂

    I do love, in the breakfast pic (I can’t see the video atm) DT looks as though he’s studiously avoiding watching himself. Aww!

    Comment by whogal | October 15, 2010

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