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More Single Father clips…

Hi everyone, hope you’ve got some tissues handy, because trust me you’re going to need them with today’s post, because I’ve got two official BBC vid clips for you from Single Father. As these are official clips I’m not certain those outside the UK can view them though…

The first one isn’t too much of a tear jerker. To quote the BBC; Dave tries to help the children deal with the death of Rita, he doesn’t want the memories of their Mum to fade. He invents a game showing photographs of them together and they have to try to remember what was said next.

The second one though, had me sniffling and telling hubby we need more tissues before Sunday. So, MAJOR tissue warning before you watch this one ladies. Again, the BBC comment attached to the clip is as follows; Dave breaks down, he tells Sarah he can’t deal with losing Rita and he can’t carry on. Sarah comforts him and tells him he’s a great dad and that he’s not on his own.

After that tear-fest I’m guessing you’d like something a little more smiley, right? Well how about another of those newer promo pics then?


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  1. Oh cuteness personified!

    I can’t watch the vids at the moment, and I’ve seen the blubbing one before (even the still made me blub!) but I’m looking forward to seeing it properly.

    I’m SO keeping everything crossed for tomorrow as well….

    H x

    Comment by whogal | October 6, 2010

    • I’ve got everything crossed for you too, love 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | October 6, 2010

  2. Yes, I can see it here in the States.

    Yes, it made me cry.

    Comment by Jacy | October 6, 2010

    • well you can’t say I didn’t warn you *hands over a tissue* there, there, love.

      Comment by develish1 | October 6, 2010

      • *accepts tissue gratefully*

        Yes, you did. I don’t know what got me more – the almost visceral moan of pain, or the teardrop running down his chin. But I purely boo-hooed…

        Comment by Jacy | October 7, 2010

        • I know what you mean, powerful stuff huh? I’ve got my tissue stash sorted.

          oh, sent you an email you might find useful

          Comment by develish1 | October 7, 2010

        • oh, that pain was visceral, all right. TERRIBLE. I felt like I’d been punched in the solar plexus. D’: Several times.

          VERY powerful. I HATE seeing DT suffer that much (even though I know it’s only acting). It just proves how damn good he is – you feel it with him.

          And I TOTALLY got the psychic connection thing; I’ve had something very similar happen – more than once.

          Comment by whogal | October 11, 2010

        • I think I killed my bear, he looks very, well squished is the only word that fits

          Comment by develish1 | October 11, 2010

  3. I do have some news for you actually Dev – will email v soon! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | October 11, 2010

    • ooh *goes off to check emails*

      Comment by develish1 | October 11, 2010

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