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A Tuxday without me…

Hi ladies 🙂 I’m leaving this here for you all to find as I’ll be out most of today. I’m meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen for months, which probably means lots of beer so I might not be capable of joining you all later either, lol, but I’m sure you’ll cope. Do feel free to tweet about it, those that do that is…

Remember though, try to keep the drool off anything electrical, there’s cloths by the door, and try to hit the padding when you thud (yes whogal, I mean you) ok on with the pics. Our guest tux this week is in fact a huge cheat. It in someone other than DT in a tux, as you can clearly see, but I kind of stretched things a little since DT is also in the pic…

This weeks picture donated by the ever helpful Fran, is a serious one and includes the “sexy specs” which I know many of you are fond of…

This is one of my own screen grabs, so apologies is the quality isn’t great. I did it some ago now, but that’s no reason to pass up this suit now is it?

And finally, a Hamlet pic, which we do seem to have almost every week now don’t we? This one comes from the “making of” just because I liked it…

original image courtesy of David

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  1. Oi, Hamlet – who’s your friend?!

    I’m sighing happily at the 3rd one…

    I wonder why he looks so sad in the 2nd one? Melts my ❤

    And isn't it lovely to see DT (and Sir Bernard of Cribbinshire) winning a nuch-deserved award?
    DT looks a bit shy in that one – perhaps that's why he let Bernard make the speech.

    Comment by whogal | September 28, 2010

  2. well the 2nd came from Fran, and I’m guessing Age Of Steel so not as lot to be happy about

    Comment by develish1 | September 28, 2010

  3. Gorgeous!!

    Comment by mardy | September 28, 2010

    • oh yes! lol

      Comment by develish1 | September 28, 2010

  4. I love me some Wilf! Such a sweetie! 😀

    Aaaannnddd I love me some sexy specs! Rowr!! (Also, have an incredible urge to soothe that brow – just a bit…)

    Comment by Jacy | September 29, 2010

    • did you really just rowr? lol

      Comment by develish1 | September 29, 2010

      • Why, yes. Yes, I did! 😀

        Comment by Jacy | September 30, 2010

  5. Ahh, yes, Age of Steel – saw that one the other night and, of course, had a bit of a blub.

    I’ve been doing a lot of that, lately. *sigh*

    The end of “This is England 86” nearly broke my heart.

    Looking forward to Friday, when we’ll see “The Idiot Lantern” and “The Impossible Planet” – YAY! “Lantern” is lovely for so many reasons; they both look GORGEOUS in their 50s gear (and DT with his DA!) and he’s SO angry about what happens to Rose. I quiet like “planet” but I LOVE “The Satan Pit” – so poignant.

    And, of course, there’s 10.10.10 to look forward to! OOOH, all the tens… 🙂

    Comment by whogal | September 29, 2010

    • ah yes, the “mortgage” scene, I do love that.

      Comment by develish1 | September 29, 2010

  6. OOH! I’d forgotten about that – funny, that one’s been on my mind lately…! 🙂 12″ Doctor and I were talking about it last night.

    OK, lock me away if you must. But ONLY if I can share a cell with Campbell.

    Comment by whogal | September 29, 2010

    • I only have one thing to ask……..does he answer you?

      Comment by develish1 | September 29, 2010

  7. Of course he does! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | September 29, 2010

    • oookaaay *reaches for the phone* now you just sit there quietly while I make a quick call. don;t you worry, everything will be juuust fine

      Comment by develish1 | September 29, 2010

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