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GUH! erm, sorry, did you speak?

I have a bonus post for you today ladies, it’s a vid, and NOT safe for work…

I found this posted in the Tennant Love community over at Livejournal, by one of the creators, hbowlergirl. Her comments are below the vid…

“Its a video a few friends and I did of the lovely actor david we just couldn’t resist ha ha he’s just to hot =] there was a fifth memeber in this collab but sadly she never sent in her part so my friend just posted the video anyways so thats why it sounds like its missing a part. But anyways I ment to post this sooner but I kept forgetting to I’m sorry! but hey better late then never right? lol”

Collabers In This Video:

Now if you’ll excuse me ladies, I think I need to find my fan, and go have a short lie down, or perhaps jump on hubby, or maybe both…


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  1. *lol* That video is hilarious. Hot, yes. Definitely hot! But still funny!

    Comment by Jacy | September 25, 2010

    • yeah, but I was focusing on the HOT! lol.

      I’ve had to buy more fans you know, ever since I joined Livejournal

      Comment by develish1 | September 25, 2010

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