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Another week, another Caturday…

Yes it’s that day again, where I’m utterly lazy and simply post stuff from around the Cheezburger network instead of doing anything even remotely original, but what the hell, it’s the weekend…

And since we’ve had a few Caturdays without any actual cats lately, and this one is rather cute, and silly…

funny pictures-I never knew you had  an indoor pool ! see more Lolcats and funny pictures

And since it’s not fair to show too much favouritism, let’s have a dog this week too shall we? This one caught my eye…

funny dog pictures-AHHHH!!!  Who released the Kraken?!!! see more dog and puppy pictures

oooh, I know. We haven’t had freaky shoes for a few weeks have we? So ladies, fancy popping to the local store in these feathery monstrosities?

crazy shoes - Strap a Chicken to Your Foot! see more If Shoes Could Kill

And I couldn’t resist a look at the often terrifying weddings cakes and gowns, and of course found something to share. I ask you ladies, would you let your friend get married in this?

Funny Wedding Photos - Ooooh Cotton Candy! Oh Wait, It's Just a Bride. :( see more Wedinator

Have these people never heard of candy floss? Or was that the look she was going for? *shudders* Ok, time for something nice to look at I think…

So, just to prove I did in fact do something in the last 24 hours, I’ll leave you today with this, which I captioned myself. It’s titled “You want me to wear what?”…

You want me to wear what?

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  1. Going from the Kraken to the feathered shoe… you know those pictures where you see something one way, then shift a little and you see it another way? Like… is it an old crone or a young girl with a feather in her bonnet? Well, the Kraken to the feathered shoe was something like that. My mind kept trying to make the feathered shoe a monster. *full body shiver*

    Okay, I’m rambling but I just woke up and I’m on only my first diet Coke…

    Cheezburger has a DT section? How on earth have I missed that???

    Comment by Jacy | September 11, 2010

  2. Hell, YES. That caption won me over. Ok, the picture did, but the caption did help! 😀

    Comment by Fran | September 11, 2010

    • glad you like it, I’ll be doing another soon, got an idea, just need the right picture…

      Comment by develish1 | September 11, 2010

  3. Awww!


    P-W-O-R! 😀

    Comment by whogal | September 13, 2010

    • yep, that’s pretty much the range of reactions I was going for, lol

      Comment by develish1 | September 13, 2010

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