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Season 2, from the start…

In the UK? Fancy watching the second season of DW all over again and don’t already own the DVD’s?…

According to David BBC Three is showing the whole thing, from The Christmas Invasion onwards, starting on Saturday 11 September 2010 at 8:10pm, with New Earth scheduled for Monday 13 September 2010 at 7:45pm.

So it’s likely this will be a case of an episode per day, excluding Sundays, although the times may vary slightly from day to day. I haven’t been able to confirm this though, as the BBC’s online TV guide doesn’t go far enough ahead.

Which brings me to today’s picture, and what else could I do than post something from The Christmas Invasion?

original screen grab courtesy of David Tennant Fan

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  1. Aww, it’s baby Doctor!
    ‘Have you missed me?’
    HEll, yeah!
    Welcome back, Doctor! 🙂

    Wonder if they’ll show Confidentials too?

    Comment by whogal | September 5, 2010

    • there’s no mention of the confidentials in the online TV guide, so I’m guessing not.

      Comment by develish1 | September 5, 2010

  2. I guess because I am older then DT- I will always look at his pics and say….he is SO young 🙂

    Comment by Anita Marie | September 5, 2010

    • well he was a bit younger then, although since I’m not sure how old you are/were…

      Comment by develish1 | September 5, 2010

  3. I’m older than DT, too…!

    He was about 34 then…. aww! 🙂

    Shame about the DWCs though, I don’t have many of them, and they were mostly cut-downs that I’ve seen. 😦

    Comment by whogal | September 6, 2010

    • I’ve only got mostly cut downs too coz all mines are in box sets with the eps.

      Comment by develish1 | September 6, 2010

  4. Aw, SO ‘friggin cute!

    Comment by rainegendron | September 6, 2010

    • Hi raine, nice to see you again

      Comment by develish1 | September 6, 2010

  5. Apropos of Doctor Who, I now need therapy. My illusions have been shattered.

    NO. Don’t try to comfort me. You can’t.

    Comment by whogal | September 8, 2010

    • I know, saw the tweet before I got here. At least he isn’t CGI

      Comment by develish1 | September 8, 2010

  6. So much for the BBC being honest! *snort*

    What else are they keeping from us, eh?!

    Next I’ll find out Cybermen aren’t real.

    Comment by whogal | September 9, 2010

    • erm, Helen love, I think you need to sit down….

      Comment by develish1 | September 9, 2010

  7. I’m ALWAYS sitting down, remember?! 😉

    Unless I’m lying down, that is… 😀

    Ahh, OK, but I can has TARDIS?

    Comment by whogal | September 10, 2010

    • you know me, I meant lie down, in my defence though I think I typed that at what can only be called “stupid o’clock” in the morning, lol

      Comment by develish1 | September 10, 2010

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