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Tuxday plus…

Yes, it’s Tuxday again, and this week I’ve even got a short Youtube video for you as well as the pictures. Enjoy ladies…

As always, we start with a non-DT picture. although please note, this is my last one, so if you have any of JS, JB or for that matter any hot man, please, please send them to me…

original image courtesy of John

And no, it’s not strictly speaking a tux, and there’s no tie either, but I’ve come to the conclusion the JB has some kind of allergy when it comes to tuxedos, lol. Ok, onto this weeks DT selection…

This comes courtesy of Fran, and is of course a screen grab from Hamlet. Yay for Fran, and the gratuitous flesh.

And, as I mentioned earlier I have a Youtube vid for you this week too. Following on from yesterday’s snippets about DT showing up at the Emmys, here’s a clip of exactly that…

And I know I posted a pic from the Emmys yesterday too, but this one is just too yummy to pass up, so while it’s not strictly speaking a tux, I’m sure you’ll forgive me…


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  1. Oh he’s so beautiful!

    I watched Secret Smile with my best buddies yesterday – one of them was getting very annoyed with all these pinhead women who wouldn’t go to the Police or even scream when he attacked them.

    Mostly I just wanted to throw things at him and slap him silly. But then there was that smile… And thise eyes… *swoon*

    Comment by whogal | August 31, 2010

  2. isn’t he just? although I think his hair is in serious need of a good ruffle, and I’d be happy to help with that.

    Comment by develish1 | August 31, 2010

  3. The sun seems to agree with him. He looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by mardy | August 31, 2010

    • he does look better than he did in some of those pics we saw from Single Father doesn’t he? He looked a bit tired in some of those.

      Comment by develish1 | September 1, 2010

  4. Is it wrong for me to have “Tuxday” penciled in on my calendar? Just curious… *lol*

    And I’m not going to comment on the shirt-ripping, skin revealing screen grab. Oh, no… I’m not… Oi…

    Comment by Jacy | September 1, 2010

    • no of course it’s not. you do realise that I now get more page views on a Tuesday than I do Sunday and Monday combined? lol.

      As for the skin, erm, yes, let’s….move along

      Comment by develish1 | September 1, 2010

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