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Does he need a rest maybe?

I’m sure it’s by no means an easy job, producing a popular TV show. I imagine it’s even harder to produce two at the same time. but I’m starting to wonder if someon has bitten off more than he can chew…

You see, according to the BBC, a mid season break is an exciting idea. Yeah, right. Sorry aunty beeb but no it’s not. In fact it’s bloody infuriating for most fans. What am I waffling about this time?

“The BBC and Steven Moffat have announced today (29 august 2010) that the transmission of the next series of Doctor Who, in 2011, will be split into two blocks, transmitting in spring and autumn.”

The full article can be found over at the BBC’s Press Office section here, and you’ll note it’s made quite clear that this is Moffat’s idea. Personally, I’m thinking this whole angle is a blatant lie, and that the only reason for the break mid season is because Moffat is also busy working on three more episode of Sherlock (see here) and is struggling to get both done on time.

Ok, moaning over for today. Did you know that while over in the states DT decided to drop in at the Emmys? Well he’s been spotted wandering around the red carpet and pics are slowing starting to appear online. Check out this post at Livejournal David’s been spotted at the Emmy’s … read the comments bit too though, as there are links to other pics and vids in there.

image courtesy of Sky

Time for today’s picture I think, don’t you? For some reason, I haven’t posted a single picture from Einstein and Eddington until today, and I’m not really sure why…

original image courtesy of Tennant Photos

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  1. More pics of DT at the Emmys ladies

    Comment by develish1 | August 30, 2010

  2. It’s the glasses again… gorgeous, geeky man… *is happy*

    As for the “season in two parts” thing… To quote the Doctor… “What? What?!”

    Okay, calming down a bit (just a bit) and trying to look on the bright side… if this were a show being produced here in the States and a news report like that hit the wires, it would immediately lead to rampant speculation as to the future of the show in question. As in, “what future”?

    I’m going with the theory that Moffat and the BBC are far more responsible than our Hollywood types, and if he’s promising us a humdinger of a cliffhanger, then that’s what we’ll get.

    Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do… That and look some more at DT in lovely eyewear… 😀

    Comment by Jacy | August 31, 2010

    • I do so hope you’re right about the cliffhanger Jacy.

      After the almost farcical nonsense we suffered this year, in the UK at least, with constantly shifting time slots, part of me fears the worst.

      I really hope I’m wrong and this ins’t the impending death of DW, but part of me seriously fears it might be, and I know I’m not alone. The net is on fire over this, and none of the comments I’m seeing bode well for the series generally.

      Comment by develish1 | August 31, 2010

      • To again quote the Doctor… No, no, no, no, NO!

        I won’t accept that. Won’t. Cannot.

        If the franchise survived the Eight movie, it can certainly survive whatever is going on with the BBC schedule-demons. Right? Okay. We’ll just ignore the almost ten years between the movie and the reboot…

        But what we have now isn’t what we had after the movie. I mean, the loyal fanbase was there but it was pretty much limited to the UK, wasn’t it? There wasn’t a worldwide web and there wasn’t BBC America feeding those of us here in the States.

        And this past season was, all in all, really quite good. The only episode that really wasn’t was “Victory of the Daleks”, and if they’d gone with something other than Spitfires in space (sounds like a bad Mel Brooks movie), it would’ve been okay. Well, that and the Daleks in primary colors. That was a bit off putting for me… *lol*

        Point is, the series has survived much worse and without a fanbase with a powerful tool (i.e., the interweb) to express themselves.

        Besides, if Dick Wolfe could juggle three Law & Order franchises here for the better part of twenty years, surely Moffat can handle the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes…

        Comment by Jacy | August 31, 2010

  3. the Eight movie wasn’t that bad was it? Ok, so it wasn’t exactly great either, but I’ve seen far worse from supposedly superior film makers.

    The thing that seems to be worrying most fans right now is that this split season nonsense will cause viewing figures to fall even further, and if they fall too far…..well we both know what could happen then.

    But no, I’m not going to think about it. I’m going to go read something fluffy instead.

    Comment by develish1 | August 31, 2010

  4. No, the Eight movie wasn’t that bad. It just seemed like the powers that be tried to gear it more for a broader American audience that, at that time, really wasn’t ready for the Doctor. An awfully fine line to walk, there, with a very Brit-centric show. I mean, I appreciated a) the effort, because I would have loved for DW to sweep over here and conquer a broader American audience and b) the movie itself because it was, after all, Doctor Who. It just wasn’t very well planned, sorry to say. So many of the Fox affiliates didn’t carry it because (and I do apologize for my native land) it was British television and, damn it, y’all are smart and erudite and you say things in a way that I find frankly entertaining as hell but that a lot of the rest of us want to scratch our heads over. *lol*

    Which is why – as much as I would dearly, dearly, DEARLY love to see it – I don’t think we will ever see DW on the big screen. Not in the way it deserves, anyway. I would almost kill to see a big production, massive special effects, beautifully written three hour epic dealing with the Time War. Oh, would I ever! I would love for Spielberg or Lucas, as they were back in their respective heydays, to try to tackle that story. And it shouldn’t be done unless it’s done with the kind of vision they had during the best of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars stories. (Mind you, I said “the best of” because the vision got a little cloudy before it was all said and done, especially for George.)

    Hmmm… bit of a ramble there. Perhaps I shouldn’t have downed that fourth Diet Coke at work… *lol*

    Oh, and are the format codes here the or the [ ] kind? Just wondering…

    Comment by Jacy | September 1, 2010

    • Thinking I just figured out that the aren’t the [ ] kind. Which makes me happy because I don’t like that kind… 😀

      Comment by Jacy | September 1, 2010

      • nope, standard html so <

        Comment by develish1 | September 1, 2010

    • you just want them to bring Eight or Nine back, dontcha? lol

      Comment by develish1 | September 1, 2010

      • Am I that transparent? *lol* And, think, it would then mean that Ten would also come back… natural progression of things, yes? 😀

        Comment by Jacy | September 1, 2010

        • it would certainly be interesting to see what they could do today, with all the new tools they have. It would need a Brit at the helm I think though, or we’d end up with something too Americanised again. Which I agree the Eight movie was to some extent.

          Comment by develish1 | September 1, 2010

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