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While i was wandering…

Wandering around the web that is. I found yet another batch of silly rumours. I wasn’t going to bother posting about these but frankly I thought, dull Monday, could do with a laugh, so here goes…

I don’t know how many of my UK readers watched Sherlock, those that did hopefully enjoyed it, as I did. If you’ve taken any interest in it you’ll no doubt have come across a rumour a couple of weeks back, on multiple website, that claimed Benedict Cumberbatch was offered the role of the 11th Doctor, but turned it down.

What I find so funny is this; despite the fact that man himself has stated categorically in interviews with The Sunday Times and The Mirror that he was never in the frame for the role, the rumours are still persisting.  Sadly I can’t give you a link to the Times’ article as it’s subscription only, but you can read the Mirror’s article here. Apparently, what he said was something more along the lines of “I wouldn’t have wanted the role” and certain places simply ran with that and twisted it to suit. Don’t you just love the rumour mill?

Sticking with newspapers though, and on a more serious note, The Guardian newspapers has published ar article titled The 10 best Hamlets. While they’re not in any order, you’ll be pleased no doubt to hear that DT’s is one of the list. Check it out here.

I don’t anything else to add today, so let’s get to a nice picture shall we? I seem to recall someone saying something about eye-wear the other day…

And before you ask the answer is no. I have no idea whatsoever where this picture came from, how old it is, who took it etc. I’m guessing a fan or a paparazzi though, since he’s just walking down the street.


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  1. You know, I do have to wonder at what kind of a life it must be to have people pointing cameras at you all the time. On some levels, it’s gotta suck.

    Still… doesn’t stop me from enjoying even random shots like this. Bad me. Bad, bad me.

    And I was the one who commented on the eyewear. This picture only reinforces the feeling… 😀

    Comment by Jacy | August 23, 2010

    • yes, you’re a bad, bad girl, we all are, and we LOVE IT!! lol

      Comment by develish1 | August 23, 2010

  2. Watched Sherlock just today. Loved it! Did anyone else get a weird “10th Doctor” feeling a couple of times during the first episode?

    Comment by Belle | August 23, 2010

    • actually, hubby watched the first Sherlock before me and his initial reaction was that he thought the dialogue sounded like it’d been written for DT & JS. He reckoned he could see DT as Holmes and JS as Watson with no effort at all.

      Comment by develish1 | August 23, 2010

      • Would it be considered extreme to move to the UK so I can see things like Sherlock and Blackpool (when it was on) and unedited episodes of DW? I ask purely out of curiosity… *lol*

        Comment by Jacy | August 23, 2010

        • well I suppose it’s an idea, but then you’d have to wait as long as us to see Fright Night, instead of seeing it weeks, or possibly months earlier..

          Comment by develish1 | August 23, 2010

  3. That picture makes me scream like a little girl. 😀

    Comment by Fran | August 23, 2010

    • don’t get too loud though, I don’t want the neighbours complaining, lol

      Comment by develish1 | August 23, 2010

  4. Oh isn’t he beautiful!? I do prefer to see his eyes, but that bod…

    I need this just now, need cheering up.

    Luckily, because of Single Father there are a few features in TV pages.
    He doesn’t get much in RT sadly, they ask Suranne Jones what it’s like working with him and she says lovely things, and there’s a lovely pic but it’s not a lot.
    Apparently TV Weekly (I think) gives him a page to himself but no interview.

    I’m going to look at others later! 🙂

    Oh and there’s a Blackpool Night on Sunday but they’re only showing Viva Blackpool. Grr.

    Comment by whogal | August 24, 2010

    • only showing Viva? Why on earth?

      Comment by develish1 | August 24, 2010

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