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Am I getting old?

I’m starting to feel old again. Why? Well because it seems all those silly teenagers going gooey over the likes of Robert Pattinson are taking over the world. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I know you all know what I mean…

You remember that poll I mentioned the other day that Entertainment Weekly have been running? It’s a perfect example of this trend towards “pretty boys” which wouldn’t be so bad, if they were actually pretty. Anyway, I checked up on the poll recently to discover it’s down to the final two, and guess who they are…. Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries).

These two have reached the final showdown by being voted more of a “sexy beast” than the following;

David Boreanaz
Alex O’Loughlin
James Marsters
David Tennant
Hugh Jackman
Brad Pitt
Kiefer Sutherland

And that’s just a few of those who’s names were in the original list. Frankly I’m speechless, gob-smacked, and several other such terms that I’d list if I could get my brain working again after this shock. I don’t know about you ladies, but at least four of those I’ve listed are welcome under my duvet any time…erm…don’t tell hubby though, ok? Right, changing the subject and moving swiftly along…

For anyone wondering, that’s a scan of a pic featured in the DW mag, and I think I got my copy of it from David Tennant Fan. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just going to go think about unwrapping things…What? I can’t help it, it’s all those layers…


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  1. What. A. Joke.

    Can’t see the pic so I’ll be back later to drool, thud, etc., etc.

    Comment by whogal | August 20, 2010

    • oh I think you’ll drool, he’s not too serious and not too smiley, looks a little confused and rather adorable actually.

      Comment by develish1 | August 20, 2010

  2. Pity… and very, very sad. Even I wasn’t that stupid when I was young, or was I? No, not really – still the biggest Johnny Depp fan around, always was, always will be. And I just recently discovered he’s getting older… in the sexiest of ways ^^

    Anyway, from who you’ve mentioned.. wow! These girls really don’t know what they’re missing 😀

    Comment by Belle | August 20, 2010

    • it is sad, very sad. They’ll grow up eventuality though wont they? please tell me they will.

      Comment by develish1 | August 20, 2010

  3. I don’t even know who they are – Robert and Ian, I mean. But I imagine that if either of them were anywhere near my duvet, I would be yelling at them to keep their grubby trainers off of it, or someone’s gonna get a smack!

    As for age… I think both of the Sutherlands – Keifer and Donald – are hot. Multi-generational, me. Well, as long as they’re on the intelligent side of, say, late thirties… 😉

    Comment by Jacy | August 20, 2010

    • LMAO. Thanks Jacy, you just made my day with those first two lines. Although do you really not know who Robert is? Actually, lucky you for not knowing.

      Comment by develish1 | August 21, 2010

      • You’re welcome! *lol*

        I see now that Robert Pattinson played the late, lamented Cedric in “Goblet of Fire”. I enjoyed the movie, but wasn’t so invested in Cedric’s character that I had to identify the actor. And, as was hinted at in my lj post, I’m not a fan of vampires, so the fact that he’s part of the Twilight movies was news to me… 😀

        Comment by Jacy | August 21, 2010

        • Oh you are sooo forgiven. I think, generally speaking, most of my regular readers would consider “Twishite” to more more in the realm of vomit inducing than interesting, lol

          Comment by develish1 | August 21, 2010

  4. I never saw the appeal of Pattinson, and I still don’t know who that second guy is… I tolerated vampires before Twilight, now I just dislike them. I do like the slightly confused look.

    Comment by teafanatic | August 21, 2010

    • the other guy is from something called The Vampire Diaries, which is equally tacky so you’ve missed nothing, trust me.

      Comment by develish1 | August 22, 2010

  5. Really, they don’t make good movies about vampires anymore. I remember quite liking “Interview with the vampire”. Actually, even now I’m a fan of vampires in general, I just don’t get the whole point of making shallow maudlin teenage half-po*n with lots of blood.

    Comment by oursmallworlds | August 21, 2010

  6. Really, they just don’t make good vampire movies anymore. I remember quite liking “Interview with the vampire” at the time. I just don’t get the point of maudlin teenage half-po*n with lots of blood.

    Comment by Belle | August 21, 2010

    • “Interview With the Vampire” was the only vampire anything I’ve ever liked. The book was a classic. The movie was intelligent. Aaannndd it had (a sane) Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Christian Slater. Oh, and Antonio Banderas.

      Like I said… intelligent. And hot. Very hot! *lol*

      Comment by Jacy | August 21, 2010

      • couldn’t agree more Jacy.

        Comment by develish1 | August 22, 2010

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