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Ah Sunday…

Today I have a hangover, a stroppy computer, and not really much else to say. So you know what that means right? I waffle on about nothing much, then post a picture…

Anyway, on to the waffling. I was reading some stuff over at teaspoon the other day and came across an author who had me crying with laughter. Here’s an example…

Jackie poured some coffee nonchalantly, having lost her chalance in an accident several years earlier. The Doctor made a further choking sound to politely refuse, though.

Yes, she’s weird, in fact I want some of what every the hell she’s smoking when she writes. If you want to check out her stuff (the above quote comes from a story simply called Tea) the name she uses is nostalgia and you can find her stories here.

And so, to today’s bit of DT shaped yummyness. How about a pic from the 2010 premier of Legally Blonde The Musical?

original image courtesy of David Tennant Fan

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  1. Always had a weakness for facial hair. It turns that lovely lower lip into a bit of buried treasure… yummy!

    Best antidote for a hangover – speaking from experience! – is Advil (or any ibuprofen) and apple juice. Do not take Tylenol or any other acetaminophen (or paracetamol for you) after drinking. Or if you drink much, for that matter. Very, very bad on the liver. (No I’m not a doctor, nor THE Doctor, but I had this from a doctor so…)

    When I’m indulging, I lay out two Advil to take before bed, then two more in the morning. The apple juice is a quick burst of easily metabolized sugars. Also great for rehydrating.

    And, because I’m constitutionally incapable of saying “feel better” without offering advice (meddlesome, me), I’ll finish with “feel better”!

    (And you might get something resembling an angsty drabble from me later. It’s an exercise in streaming consciousness, loosely divided in sections that may develop into chapters.)

    Comment by Jacy | August 8, 2010

    • Oh, and “Wanted: Human Woman” is my favorite of nostalgia’s stories. To wit: “Buffy rip-offs were for that lot in Cardiff, not the flagship of the franchise. He might be mumble-hundred years old, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have standards.”

      When I read that the first time, I damned near rolled off the couch. Did scare the cats. *lol*

      Comment by Jacy | August 8, 2010

      • I like most of nostalgia’s funny stuff, there’s just something about how they write that has me crying with laughter. The first time I read one hubby came through from the other room to see what all the noise was about, he thought I was sobbing or something, lol.

        Comment by develish1 | August 8, 2010

  2. ugghh! never again! my own fault of course, should have stuck with the wine and not swapped to lager.

    Comment by develish1 | August 8, 2010

  3. *wibble*

    I don’t always like pics of DT with face fuzz, but I do like this one! 🙂

    I do wish I could read his expression, though. He looks a bit sad, to me.

    His eyes are lovely, as ever!

    Comment by whogal | August 9, 2010

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