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Ooh, that voice…

Hi everyone. Having given my desktop PC a couple of days rest it seems to be a little happier today, although I doubt that will last. Anyway, on to that voice. Fancy voting for DT again? Of course you do, why would I even ask…

The Audiobook Store, an online retailer of, you guessed it, audio books, is running a competition to find the best audio books of 2010. They have selected 20 audiobooks published in the last 12 months and are now asking visitors to the site to vote on the best.

original image courtesy of the BBC

Dead Air, read by DT is one of those selected. So is From Shakespeare With Love, which also features DT reading a sonnet or two. To see the full list of books selected, listen to some samples from them, and place your votes, click here. Oh and there’s even a chance to win some vouchers to spend there by voting.

So, why are you still here? Oh right, you’re waiting for today’s DT picture. So lets see, how about something from Hamlet (well it fit’s with the Shakespeare comment above right) and one where he’s not yelling or pulling his hair out either. In fact, there’s even flesh…

original image courtesy of David

Seems I spoke too soon as far as the PC goes. In the time it’s taken me to type this up the screens gone black over half a dozen times. so I guess I’ll be turning it off now *sigh* Might be back later via the laptop though.

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  1. OK, I admit it. I am a perve of the first order. I just uttered a “Carry On films” “Cooooor”! looking at the Hamlet pic.

    What shall my penance be?!

    Thanks for the Audiobook link – I read briefly about this on Twitter so I’ll give it a go.

    Comment by whogal | August 6, 2010

  2. I thought that pic might cause something along those lines, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | August 6, 2010

  3. Must not stare…

    Comment by Becky | August 6, 2010

    • why? everyone else is

      Comment by develish1 | August 6, 2010

  4. That picture… *thud*

    Read about the competition on Facebook and already voted. Still haven’t heard the audio book though.

    Heard some of the sonnets however – gorgeous!

    Comment by Belle | August 6, 2010

  5. don’t you just love a good thud? lol.

    there’s a few of the sonnets over in one of my earlier posts, here if you want a listen.

    Comment by develish1 | August 6, 2010

  6. Mmmmm…Tennant… -thud-
    Sorry to hear about the computer troubles, I hope it gets better.

    Comment by teafanatic | August 7, 2010

  7. OMG… a happy trail… *thud*

    Comment by Jacy | August 7, 2010

  8. yep, that was definitely a good pic to post, don’t think I’ve seen that many thuds in a day before, lol

    Comment by develish1 | August 7, 2010

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