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Random picture day…

What? It’s Friday, or at least it will be by the time you’re reading this, and hubby actually has a few days off, so I’m being lazy.

Which means, all you get today are a few yummy pics to gaze at…

Ok, first one. I’ve had this for ages, so don’t know why I’ve never posted it before, specially considering that lovely smile…

original image courtesy of Contact Music

Had this one a while too, and again never posted it. As you can probably guess it’s from when he was working on the radio version of Of Mice And Men…

original image courtesy of David Tennant Fan

And finally, a conversation starter, mainly because I decided to ask you all something. First, for anyone struggling to identify it, it’s from the end of Family Of Blood. He does wear this shirt at the start of Human Nature too, but it’s a two parter so I’m not counting that. The question is this then, is this the only time he wore a brown shirt apart from Impossible Planet/Satan Pit? I honestly can’t recall any others right now. So. Discuss…

original image courtesy of Tennant Photos

We might be off out to visit friends later, so I may not be around a lot today, I will of course read, and reply to your comments tomorrow if I don’t get to it today. Enjoy.


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  1. Phwoar!

    That cute smile!

    I love to see him working, too – wonder what the line was that caused him to pose like that?!
    ‘You’d drink outta a drain if ya could’!

    And a lovely solomn one from what I consider two of my fave eps ever.

    Perfect! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | July 23, 2010

  2. if it’s one of your two favs, which is the other?

    Comment by develish1 | July 23, 2010

  3. I love Family of Blood and Human Nature (which is what I meant) but I also love Doomsday, Girl in the Fireplace and Satan Pit.

    Comment by whogal | July 23, 2010

  4. I tend to treat the two part stories as one really as they’re all one story.

    you love Doomsday though? that one makes me want to cry, again.

    Comment by develish1 | July 23, 2010

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