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Tuxday again…

Hopefully I’ll be around to gaze at these with you, but just in case my connection isn’t behaving, I’ve yet again done this in advance

I’m a trusting soul huh?…

Remember I said I found a pic at Cheezburger that would work much better for Tuxday than Caturday? Well here it is, enjoy ladies…


As usual we have a no-DT picture too. This week it’s John Simm again, with a rather cheeky smile, taken at the 2007 Bafta’s

original image courtesy of John

This next pic came from Fran, and although neither of us is quite certain, we think it comes from Hamlet, since it’s the picture used in this article but that’s the only proof I have…

Then there’s this one, a promo shot taken for Voyage Of The Damned (like you didn’t already know that)

original image courtesy of the BBC’s Doctor Who site

And finally, since he looks a bit stern and/or thoughtful in all the above pictures, how about we end with a cheeky smile? This ones a screen grab instead, but also comes from Voyage Of The Damned…

original image courtesy of David Tennant Fan


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  1. “But, Dev, with this sexy pictures, you are really spoiling us”!

    OK, OK, it’s a dodgy attempt to spoof that terrible Fererro Rocher ad (it ran in the UK, and if you haven’t seen it cos you live overseas, you’re very lucky!)


    This is JUST what I needed today. Not having a great day. But it’s always great to have a peep at DT… I bought a mini version of the lovely line drawing of DT that I have, for a friend, today, I’m sure she’ll love him! He’s in his Doctor Who garb (not sure which suit, as it’s in black and white) and he looks a real babyface! So cute. Oh, and those eyes… He’s got a very serious expression on his face. He means business…

    And you’ll think I’m crazy, but I’m hormonal. Humour me. I found a gorgeous Beanie Baby of a wee boy in footy kit – he’s supposed to be modelled on David Beckham (wasn’t he lush on Jonathan Ross’ last show?!) cos he’s wearing a red shirt with a 7 on it and white shorts, but as he has light blue eyes and light brown hair I decided I’d call him Jack, after Giacomo! Well, why not? I know DT’s allergic to footy, but I think he’d love Jack. I do!

    I watched most of my Casanova DVD last night – I’m hanging on for the last 3rd until I can watch it with my two best buds. It’s lovely! He’s so cute with young Jack – even though he’s a rotten father, really.

    Anyway, better go, things to do. Thanks for making my day a bit brighter! x

    Comment by whogal | July 20, 2010

  2. I’m pretty allergic to footy myself, lol. glad I made your day a little brighter though. 🙂

    Comment by develish1 | July 20, 2010

  3. Loved the post, especially the last picture 😀

    Comment by Becky | July 20, 2010

  4. I think the star-gazing one is the one that captured my heart most.

    Comment by whogal | July 20, 2010

  5. you always do go for the more serious ones don’t you whogal? Good thing there’s plenty of those, at least for Tuxday purposes. He rarely smiles in a tux it seems…

    Comment by develish1 | July 20, 2010

  6. Lovely. That has brightened my dull evening. 😀

    Comment by Fran | July 20, 2010

  7. I think it’s brightened things up for a few people Fran. For some odd reason I get a lot more page views on a Tuesday than any other day. I can’t think why 😉

    Comment by develish1 | July 20, 2010

  8. It certainly burns a lot of minds, that. 😉 Thank you for all the lovely mentions. x

    Comment by Fran | July 20, 2010

  9. credit where it’s due, after all, so far you’re the only one to send me any pics for Tuxday 🙂

    (hint, hint) you listening you lot? lol

    Comment by develish1 | July 20, 2010

  10. I have most of those on my screen saver at work.
    I have the most watched screen saver in the world.

    Comment by Anita Marie | July 21, 2010

  11. Hi Anita,

    hope you’re well love, you’ve been rather quiet lately.

    Comment by develish1 | July 21, 2010

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