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Excuse me while I SQUEE…

I know I am at times a rabid fan-girl, but anyone who reads this site regularly will know that while I may sometimes drool, very often sit open mouthed gazing, even more regularly thud and have on occasion even been known to whimper…

I very, VERY rarely “SQUEE!” In fact I can only recall 2 occasions when I have genuinely made a sound which might be considered such a thing…

One of them was almost immediately after standing in a queue for heaven knows how long, to aquire the autographed picture back in 2006, posted here. What? He was MY Doctor, you’d have done it too.

The second was today.


Because hubby went shopping earlier. Doesn’t sound that exciting yet does it? But the thing is you see, we live within a single bus ride of the only physical branch of The Monster Company, an online store which specialises in selling genuine props and prop replicas etc. And he came home with this…

Yes, before anyone asks it’s deliberately a small image, since I don’t want to give the “fakers” out there any additional source material. You can see the item online by the way, as it’s also available from their online store here.

For anyone wondering, this is a genuine screen used prop note made by the BBC for the episode Runaway Bride. Remember the scene where the Doctor sonics a cash-point to create a distraction?

If you’re wondering though, it promises to “Pay The Bearer On Demand Ten Satsumas”. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, “SQUEE”

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  1. SQUEE! Oh my dear Lord, that is AMAZING. I’m so glad you got that item, that is priceless, girl! Wow.

    Comment by Fran | July 8, 2010

  2. I KNOW!! I think I might need a lie down actually, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | July 8, 2010

  3. Ooooh I love it muchly, but the pic is reminding me of Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver for some reason and that makes me uncomfortable. MacGyver is childhood and the Simpsons to me…
    Back to Tuxday I go! 🙂

    Comment by Jen | July 9, 2010

  4. Jen dear, have I ever mentioned how weird you are? good, just checking, lol.

    As for Tuxday, where do you think I hang out when no-ones around?

    Comment by develish1 | July 9, 2010

  5. Wow! That’s pretty squee-worthy!

    Comment by Becky | July 9, 2010

  6. I’m calmer today, so it’s quieter around here. I was rather a bit louder yesterday though.

    Comment by develish1 | July 9, 2010

  7. So blank blank blank blank ing jealous! 🙂

    Wonder if he touched it?!

    Comment by whogal | July 15, 2010

  8. I have it tucked away safely, along with my Tom Baker pic, in a place the cats can’t reach.

    need to get a couple of frames at some point though

    Comment by develish1 | July 15, 2010

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