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I’ve been trawling for news for you as always, and found a few bits I think you’ll either want to know, or need to know. so, let’s get to it…

Firstly, filming on Decoy Bride is still going on over on The Isle Of Man, and it seems 3FM DJ Kelly Foran caught up with David and the cast, and snagged a pic too, be warned though, it really is one HELL of a shirt he’s wearing, so much so that I really couldn’t bring myself to post it here. If you want to torture yourself with it though, you can see it here.

There’s also a batch of vids over at YouTube of an interview he gave to  BBC regional news programme North West Tonight, but of course this means braving that shirt. If you prefer not to frighten youself too much however, there’s a smaller picture, and more importantly an audio only interview with David at 3FM’s website, here.

On to Fright Night news. Apparently a company called On Location Casting is now accepting applications for extras for the film. As you’d imagine they’re looking for all sorts, such as various high school clique types: nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, etc., teacher types, Las Vegas Showgirls, poker players, vampires (obviously), and more. If you’re in the area, i.e. LA, you could try filling out an application here. (info snagged from Tennant News click link for full story)

And finally, new’s wise, a reminder that I’m sure most of you wont need really….

This again comes via Tennant News by the way (again click link for original story). It seems a few fake items, which the sellers claim have been signed by, belonged to, or been worn by David etc., are currently up for sale over at auction site eBay, some even have a ‘genuine’ letter from David with them. David himself has checked them out and has confirmed that they are nothing to do with him.

original image courtesy of Headway

So everyone, please be VERY careful what you are bidding for on eBay and think before you part with your hard earned cash.

As most of you already know, if you want a signed photo of David, that you know for sure is genuine, then you can get one in several ways:

  • Write to David at the address found here including a SAE.
  • Donate to Headway Essex and get a gorgeous signed card, details of that are here.
  • Or check out eBays many genuine charity run auctions at

And so we come to today’s picture. It took me ages to pick one today, because they’re all so yummy, but then I found this and he just looks sooo…well edible really, lol.

(I think this was part of a photo shoot done for the Telegraph, but I’ve no other info, sorry.)

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  1. That outfit from the filming… oww my eyes!

    Comment by Becky | July 8, 2010

  2. I take it you agree with with my decision not to post it then Becky? It is rather eye-watering, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | July 8, 2010

  3. Oh, that picture is heaven ^^

    Comment by Fran | July 8, 2010

  4. it gives me ideas about rolling around in piles of leaves for some reason…

    Comment by develish1 | July 8, 2010

  5. The shirt’s fine.
    The trousers are fine.
    But together…. :p

    Comment by whogal | July 9, 2010

  6. I know, it’s just WAAAAY too much isn’t it?

    *puts sunglasses on to listen to interview again*

    Comment by develish1 | July 9, 2010

  7. not that I’m one to gloat normally, but in this case I think I will….

    DigitalSpy, you know that site that’s always trying to be on top of any “entertainment” news whether it’s correct or not (they ran the missing script story) finally picked up the “ebay fakes” story, two whole days after I did.

    *sits in corner with small smug smile*

    Comment by develish1 | July 10, 2010

  8. Wow, those are two beautiful pictures… *drool*

    Comment by whogal | July 15, 2010

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