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Need a little salt with that?

Given the amount of supposed “news” bouncing around lately about Doctor Who in general, I’m sure everyone will be forgiven for not immediately assuming this story is true, especially given the source…

The Daily Star, the UK national newspaper that recently brought us gems such as Top secret Dr. Who script missing has come up with another bit of news. They’re not alone of course, the latest story is doing the rounds of all the usual websites as well, such as DigitalSpy.

The story? They’re now claiming Eric Cantona to join Doctor Who as an evil alien. Thier article states that “producers are hoping the Frenchman might show off some of his famous Kung Fu moves in his baddie part.”

This one does at least sound a little more believable than the missing script nonsense, but I’m keeping the salt handy just in case, especially since the only quotes they’re using to support this aren’t exactly that convincing. All they seem to have are one from Matt Smith saying he’d like to see Eric as a baddie, and one supposedly from “a BBC insider” saying that Matt’s ideas are listened too.

I guess we wait and see then? While we’re waiting though, let’s at least have something interesting to look at shall we? Will this do for now?

(school reunion if you hadn’t already guessed)


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