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Latest DW rumours…

I wasn’t going to bother with these to be honest, but then I thought, what the hell, lets stir the pot some more.

It seems there’s several rumours doing the rounds right now, the two biggest relate to this years Christmas Special and a supposed movie, so read on and tell me what you think…..

Firstly, a story surfaced recently claiming the script for this years Christmas Special had been “lost” so there was now a “race against time” to re-write it in order for filiming to begin. It was even picked up by a national newspaper and of course there was a flurry of net reports too. Here’s just a few of the articles, Daily Star, io9, DigitalSpy and TVOvermind. The Daily Star has reported this as a genuine story, although to be fair most of the multitude of the net reports have included comments from the authors doubting it’s truth.

The reason for their doubts? Same as mine really, that firstly it sounds like nonsense, and secondly almost every single alledged “quote” used, can actually be traced back to an earlier interview that Moffat gave between the screening of the first and second parts of the finale. During that interview he joked about how the Christmas Special had to be a “flash back” one since they’d destroyed the universe in the finale. You can read that interview on Fran’s site here if you wish. So my thoughts as far as this story goes….

(screen grab by me)

So, to the next one. Stories are now appearing on various sites claiming that not only is there a DW movie on the cards, due for release in 2012, but that the Doctor has already been cast. Yes you read that right, and guess who they’re claiming it will be? Johnny Depp. Here’s a bunch of reports for your perusal should you wish to; The Escapist, TVOvermind, The First Post and the one that originally broke the story PubArticles.

Now while I have nothing against Mr Depp in particular, I also find this tale hard to swallow. Mainly for the same reason s as the other story. Firstly some of the quotes can again be traced back to older interviews with RTD when he was still doing DW> For example, he’s supposed to have said “A theatrical release has a greater range and can reach millions of more people than just the fans”. Not sure about you, but I’m sure I remember him saying exactly that when asked during one of the DWConf interviews if he would ever rule out there being a film in the future. I can probably find the thing on youtube if I lokk long enough.

Then there’s the supposed plot, which frankly sounds like nonsense. Here’s a quote from the PubArticles initial story;

“Johnny Depp revealed one other aspect of the Doctor, that of his secret past: “The Doc is always portrayed as this mysterious Demi-God. Russell has penned this wonderful, exciting script that humanizes this all-powerful alien. The Doctor is actually given a name in the film, I’m told he never really has one. He also acts like a Physician in more than just his title. He’s called The Doctor for a reason. His mission is to journey through time and space with a crew of volunteers treating humanity’s illnesses brought on by invading aliens. He cures the bubonic plague and then goes to Africa to fight Ebola.”

I”m sorry but WHAT?!? Am I the only one choking on their drink? That entire plot line is so off-canon it has to be a joke, doesn’t it? I’m sorry, but there’s just no way I can get my head around the idea of a fan-boy like RTD writing such a story. So in the absence of no genuine proof, and not a single quote that even makes sense, I’m going with my gut and that tells me this is bull. What’s everyone else think though?


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  1. I think it is bull as well. (Sorry, I’m so tired that’s all I can muster.)

    Comment by Fran | July 1, 2010

  2. that’s ok, I’m pretty tired too, didn’t sleep well last night.

    luckily I had this half typed up already so it didn’t take much effort to finish it off, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | July 1, 2010

  3. Best taken with a pinch of salt, I think, just as you have done. We’ve only just switched from Tennant to Smith, and BBC America have been pushing the series like crazy in the US, so why stunt-cast Depp for a film no one needs?

    As for the Xmas script being lost – seriously? What is this, the Dark Ages? I’m pretty sure something that important would be backed up somewhere, don’t you think? Do people really think Moffat sits down on his own at a typewriter and bashes out a single copy of the script? There will have been countless script meetings, early drafts, rewrites, the whole shebang. Even in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, it’s not that difficult to retrace your steps pretty quickly from the above. Sheesh.

    If you’re interested, I’ve just posted my own review of season 5. I would love to exchange views with you. In the meantime, roll on Christmas special. I can’t wait!

    Comment by Tim | July 2, 2010

  4. Welcome Tim, thanks for visiting.

    I agree these both sound like nonsense. The film can’t be happening unless the BBC are on board since they own the copyright, and a film so far off canon is not something I can see them going for when the show is doing so well.

    As for the script one, as you say there’s no way they’d only have a single draft of it if they’re due to start filming soon.

    I’ll pop over to yours later for a read.

    Comment by develish1 | July 2, 2010



    Comment by whogal | July 29, 2010

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