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Because I can….

I went off out to meet a friend yesterday, after getting totally frustrated with my on/off net connection. We met in a pub, so I’m feeling a little worse for wear today. So, just because I can, and I know no-one will mind, all you get today is a couple of pics…..

More tux pics in fact……….



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  1. Those eyes… *melts*

    Comment by Fran | June 23, 2010

  2. I know……sorry, too busy gazing to type more

    Comment by develish1 | June 23, 2010

  3. Wow.

    Comment by Becky | June 23, 2010

  4. Think I’ll have to start a “tux day”, since these pics, and those from the other day, seem to have gone down so well.

    Maybe I’ll rename Tuesday as tuxday, hows that? It’ll fit in nicely with Caterday, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | June 23, 2010

    • I second that. ‘Operation Tuxday is go, go, go!’ 🙂

      Comment by Fran | June 23, 2010

  5. how can I not do it now? Ok, Tuxday it is, starting next week.

    Comment by develish1 | June 23, 2010

  6. Mmmmm *happy sigh*

    David in a Tux…. 😀

    I went round to my lovely friend’s house today cos she’s a bit of a DT fan, and she gets Watch.

    So I tried Soooo hard (and succeeded for the most part) to keep the squeeing down to a minimum, as my other lovely best friend was there too.
    She’s becoming a DT convert too, i hope.

    Casanova, followed by Learners – bliss! We decided the former was better than the latter, although I do love hearing David speaking with a Scottish accent.
    Casanova made me LOL many times! Still not sure about those blue contacts, though…

    So I had a silly grin on my face for a lot of the evening! 😀

    Comment by whogal | June 24, 2010

  7. I still haven’t had chance to watch Casanova yet, but now I’ve got the DVD I can watch it any time.

    you’ll know when I do I’m sure, just listen for the explosions, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | June 24, 2010

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