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And he thinks I’m online a lot…

It seems my hubby has developed a new little addiction, online gaming……

Don’t get me wrong, as you can see from the pic below, he’s always been a bit (well a lot) of a gamer, along with his other little nerdy quirks. He’s got an Xbox 360 and a PS3, as well as various other consoles and hand-helds, far more than I care to try and list. Until recently though, he’s always said he’s not keen on online gaming, competing against others etc. In fact I’m not sure if he’d ever even used the headset he got with his Xbox 360, until now…….

This last week though, I kept intermittently hearing him talking in the other room when I was in here online. At first I thought he was talking to me, till I realised he was talking too softly for that, and wandered through to see what he was up to. It seems he’s  decided to give the online side of Split Second a go on the Xbox, and now there’s no stopping him.

It’s kind of freaky actually, hearing only his half of a conversation as he chats with players across the world on his headset, while racing around the tracks and trying not to crash. At least now he’s too busy online himself to complain if I spend a little too long online myself now and then, lol.

Plus it means I get to tease him when he does what he did the other night, and stays up till almost 1:00am playing a game, when he had to be up again at 5:00am for work. Life is good sometimes, lol.


June 21, 2010 - Posted by | Random Thoughts


  1. I am SO BAD at games- any games. Board games, internet/computer games, those games you play on long car trips.

    I think they’re fun, but I am so game challanged its sad really.

    Comment by Anita Marie | June 22, 2010

  2. I go in phases. I quite like “match 3” type games so I play those sometimes, and “hidden object” ones too occasionally, but it really depends on my mood.

    Comment by develish1 | June 22, 2010

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