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Not just t-shirts and rock then?

I haven’t watched this weeks DW yet, so can’t comment on it. So instead, I’m sharing again. That’s what I’m supposed to do here isn’t it, whether you like it or not right? lol. Seriously though, my hubby has a favourite site for buying his t-shirts, and I rather like them too so I thought I’d tell you a bit about them………

First though, I must warn you, some of the shirt designs at their site contain explicit swear words, while others could be considered insulting or indeed outright offensive, hell the tag line on their website is “Proudly offending the moral majority since 2002”, so please don’t don’t visit the site if you’re easily offended, or with your boss looking over your shoulder.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, hubby bought me a shirt some months back from a site called Smell Your Mum (yes, weird name, let’s move on) which is actually run by a couple who are also part of a rock band, in fact they started the site to help cover the costs of touring. The slogan on said shirt?  “I Was Going To Take Over The World But Got Distracted By Something Sparkly” You can see the design itself here if you want.

Anyway, whilst the bands music may not necessarily be to my taste, I love some of their shirt designs. For example; “I’m Not Insane, I’m Mentally Hilarious” and “Being Unstable And Bitchy Is All Part Of My Mystique”, both of which are on my “want” list. Oh and most designs are available on a variety of shirt styles, in most sizes and yes they do ship internationally (ok, sales pitch over).

Strangely enough though, their designs are not what I wanted to share with you. You see, being a bunch of tattooed rockers who wear lots of leather and denim and sing in a certain way, causes many people to treat them in a certain way in return, and as I’m sure you all know, appearances can be very deceptive.

original image courtesy of the bands website

So yes, despite appearances  Zion, the lead singer, is an educated, intelligent, and well spoken (when he chooses to be) individual, with a wicked sense of humour. An example of which is what prompted this post. You see, as with all such sites they have a “contact us” section and received the following comment one day;

“your wedsite is actually discustly apuling people at my sons school are sticking stickers every were saying kill chavs im a as you call a chav theres nothing wrong with it we just like to look …at least de…asent unlike you you scruffy little shits what does your mother think of all of you you should be a shamed of yourselves”

And yes, that is an exact copy of the message they received, including spelling errors and total lack of grammar. Zion’s response? Here’s a snippet;

“In the English language, we have this strange little notion called “punctuation”. You can use “punctuation” to put pauses in sentences; let the reader know the beginning and end of sentences and generally signpost the reader through your ramblings. Some examples of punctuation follow:

1. The fullstop. It looks like this . It’s function in a sentence is to finalise a statement and show the reader where the sentence has ended. Once you have made a statement, you put a fullstop. See, I did it there. And again. Go crazy with them – have fun!”

What can I say, I was chuckling for ages over that. If you want to read the full response, you can find it here, enjoy.

And so, to today’s picture, and I find I can’t for the life of me think of a way to link the above content back to DT in any way, but I know everyone will go into withdrawal if I don’t, so it’s just a random pic that caught my attention, mainly because of that gorgeous smile………

original image courtesy of the gallery at David Tennant Fan (please note, you must register to view the images stored there)

I believe this was taken during a break in shooting one of the last scenes from The Christmas Invasion. You may now *thud* should you feel the need, don’t worry, I have added extra padding to the floor, just in case.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. I’ve re-checked the listings over at the BBC website, now they’ve updated them, and they ARE showing The Chatterley Affair on Saturday 19 June, BBC Four at 10:30 pm.

My apologies for the image quality, but since I couldn’t find anything halfway decent online, I had to do my own screen grab from a clip over at Youtube. Here’s a link to go view the clip if you wish.

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  1. SQUEE! Well, it’d be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!

    I love the smile! And the serious face! Of course I do…

    I’m really looking forward to The Chatterly affair, so thanks for letting us know. Xx

    Ooh, and check out Zion’s abs! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | June 13, 2010

  2. *tsk* all that info I posted and you’re just lookin at his abs? mind you I doubt he’d mind, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | June 13, 2010

  3. I did read it as well! 🙂

    ANd DT’s abs weren’t on offer, so… 😉

    Comment by whogal | June 16, 2010

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