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Maybe he’s not so adorable…….

oh no! Not DT, don’t think that for a second. I actually meant hubby, who wandered in earlier while I was booting up the PC and said “Who’s that Gary Numan look-a-like on your desktop?”

He was of course joking, mainly because he didn’t recognise the picture, even through he must have known who it was (unless he’s lost his mind), but I still offered to throw something at him. The reason being, the picture on my desktop right now is a wallpaper sized version of this one………..

original image courtesy of David

Gary Numan indeed! Nope, I’m just not seeing it, not at all, what about you? I really should give him a slap actually, really I should…………

original image courtesy of Last FM

But then again, he has ordered, and paid for, both copies of The Writers Tale for me, which should be arriving some time today, so I guess this one time he gets a free pass. Now where was I? Oh yes! I found this earlier and wanted to share it with you all……………….

It’s another one where I’m not 100% sure how I acquired it, or when, although I think it’s a screen grab from People Like Us, a spoof documentary series from the BBC in 2001. In any case, it’s DT, in leather, that’s enough for me.


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  1. what no comments?

    I’d have thought at least Anita would be drooling over DT in leather, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | June 12, 2010

  2. DT in leather! 🙂 LOVERLY!

    But I’m sorry, yes, hubby deserves a slap for the Gary Numan quip. I like Mr Numan very much, but even so…

    You HAVE to see the St Trinian’s film if you haven’t already. DT is, of course, superb. Not that we’d expect any less, as I know I’ve said before!

    Comment by whogal | June 13, 2010

  3. it’s on my “want” list, so is Casanova, but I’m waiting on hubby since I’m currently “financially embarrassed” lol

    Comment by develish1 | June 13, 2010

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