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Maybe I should just buy a book?

I’ve been spending far too much over at Teaspoon lately apparently, at least that’s what I’m told. The thing is though, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Some of the authors who have stories archived there (although by no means all of course) are incredibly good, and you know me, I do love to share……

I know some of my readers tend to avoid fan fiction like the plague. I think for some this is partly due to the misconception that it’s all smut. While I freely admit some of it very definitely is smut, in fact some even makes me cringe and I like to think I’m more open minded than most, there is also a lot of very well written stuff stored there, that wouldn’t be out of place on anyone’s bookshelf.

So with that in mind, here’s a snippet that hopefully will make you laugh, and might even make you think about dropping by for a visit. For a bit of perspective, Rose is sick, and the Doctor has suggested they use an alien “spider” type creature as part of the diagnosis/healing process;

“I don’t mind spiders.”

The Doctor cocked his head to one side at her, expression one of vague amusement. “Oh yeah? As I seem to recall when you found a spider in the TARDIS…”

Rose blushed, deep in embarrassment. “It surprised me. It was sittin’ on my pillow just as I was ‘bout to get in…”

“And that was an excuse to scream, run down the corridor to the kitchen where I was, scream some more, grab me by the arm, drag us both under the kitchen table and almost choke me to death?”

What can I say, it made me laugh, although that might have been my sugar high after all that chocolate. Anyway, the story is called Miss Doctor and Mr Rose, which should give you an idea as to where this is going, it is not actually smutty I’m told, just very, very silly. It was suggested to me by a friend, and is by an author known as LordetteOfTime.

At the time I wrote this I hadn’t finished reading it yet, but likely will have by the time I get around to commenting (I’m writing this post in advance and scheduling it for Saturday as I know I’ll be busy most of the day).

Oh and while we’re on the subject of books (yes, I know, not really but the title gives me an out here) I’ve just had a nice little chat with hubby, and decided I truly do love that he’s such a nerd. You see, I’ve been after a copy of The Writers Tale for some time, but kept putting off buying it, mainly due to the price. Now that the The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter is also out, the original version is cheaper most places, since the new version includes addition “stuff”.

But, the two versions are different in several ways, one’s hardback, one’s paperback. The new one has extra stuff added to cover right up to the end of RTD’s work on DW, but some of the stuff that was in the first version has also been removed to “make space”. After explaining all this to hubby, his truly nerdy response was “So let’s buy them both, then you’re not missing anything”. Needless to say I’ll be placing an order at Amazon later, once I’m done snogging him senseless since he’s also offered to pay, lol.

And speaking of DW (see, that linked up quite well for once) here’s today’s pic. It’s a screen cap from the Fires of Pompeii Confidential, and certainly suits the weather we’ve been having in my area lately……


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  1. Great post! I’ve read that fanfic before and it’s on my favourites 🙂 Enjoy Doctor Who tonight! 😀

    Comment by Becky | June 5, 2010

  2. Thanks Becky.

    I only finally got around to watching last weeks earlier actually, and I’ve a feeling tonight’s clashes with something so I might have to catch it tomorrow instead.

    Comment by develish1 | June 5, 2010

  3. OOOH! Lovely piccy there! 🙂 I DO love that smile!

    I loved the Pompeii DWC, it was so moving seeing him looking at the “casts” of the people in the ash. So desperately sad. I think I cried. It was lovely to see him showing a genuine interest in it all.

    I highly recommend A Writer’s Tale. I’ve not finished it yet, but it’s a great read – a mighty tome!

    I have to say I was moved to tears (twice) by a particular entry. Just so that you know. x

    Comment by whogal | June 13, 2010

  4. which entry? A clue would be good, just so I can have the tissues handy

    Comment by develish1 | June 13, 2010

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