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I need help…….

and yes, before you say it, I’ve needed help for some time. This however is different, maybe I’m just fixated due to hormonal imbalances or some such. Anyway, I found a picture over at photobucket, small and not very good quality, but I’m absolutely sure I’ve seen it online elsewhere, larger and far better quality……….

The problem is I can’t remember where and can’t seem to find it now and it’s driving me totally nuts! Why you ask? Well look at it……..

Now is that cute or what? Anyway, I spent literally hours yesterday, and several more earlier today, wandering the net trying to find another copy. I found this next one, which aside from the slight difference in lighting (which could just be down to image quality)  looks like it came from the same shoot, but again there was no info attached as to where/when it was taken……

The only other one I found that looks similar is the next one, which I do know was one of the promo shots done for season 4, but none of the collections I’ve found of those pics include anything like the two above, plus his hair looks a bit longer to me in this one so I think those above are possibly earlier shots…..

original image courtesy of Tennant Photos

So please, help me save my sanity if you can. If you know where either of the first two come from, or where I can find any better copies of them, please leave a comment with a link, email me if you know my addy already, or use the contact form or if you don’t. OK, to lighten the mood, or confuse the hell out of you, lol……….

Ok, I think that’s enough trying to distract myself from cramps for now, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m off in search of some chocolate, maybe a nice bottle of wine, some more chocolate, perhaps an episode of DW, oh and did I mention the chocolate?

Then the next thing on my list is to try and find that picture of him in the dark blue shirt wearing sunglasses…………….


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  1. What?!

    no ideas from anyone?

    Comment by develish1 | June 5, 2010

  2. I think you’ve stunned us into silence here Dev.
    Either that or people can reply because when they started to lick their computer monitors their tongues got stuck to the screens.
    That’s mny guess.

    Comment by Anita Marie | June 5, 2010

  3. they are rather drool-worthy aren’t they?

    Comment by develish1 | June 5, 2010

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