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Holiday Sunday, it’ll rain then……..

It generally rains here on a holiday weekend. not a huge problem for me though, as it will give me time to catch up some stuff I haven’t watched yet, such as last nights DW.

Since it’s a holiday weekend, I’m expecting few visitors, and I’ve got little to say either, so you know what that means right?…….

DT day of course, with me reposting a few old pics, and adding a couple of new ones to the mix, so sit back and enjoy. ok, something a little geeky to start I think………

Which reminds me, those in the UK, with access to Watch, who haven’t yet seen Learners, it get’s repeated on 2nd June at 10:35 pm.

Ok, lets see, next how about something rather cute and smiley? Yep, I think this’ll work………………

and to finish things off, something thoroughly moody looking, for those who prefer the more serious look…………….

I think all today’s pics were originally obtained from Tennant Photos


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  1. Well I’m still recovering from the last epic!

    I like geeky! : ). That’s my fave I think. The eyes are lovely, and that’s a cute half-smile. 🙂

    Comment by whogal | May 30, 2010

  2. I love David when he look geeky too! He’s got to be the hottest geek since Rivers Cuomo.

    Comment by rainegendron | May 30, 2010

  3. Actually I think I like the first pic best too, very cute. 🙂

    Comment by develish1 | May 30, 2010

  4. Learners was great- I loved it that the characters found out they could ‘win’ by being themselves.

    And DT in his role?

    Oh shivvverrrsss

    Comment by Anita Marie | May 31, 2010

  5. hey! you only just got well Anita, don’t go falling apart on us, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | May 31, 2010

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