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Caturday strikes again…..

And everyone knows what that means right? Me doing a lazy excuse of a post, which will as usual include lots of cheez and no frills, lol……..

So, where to start? Well we usually start with a cat don’t we? Seems as a good a place as any to start today then………

funny pictures moar funny pictures

And perhaps a dog too? We usually have a dog as well don’t we? So let’s see, how about this one?

funny pictures moar funny pictures

And a celeb, we gotta have a celeb right? And just for once let’s not have DT, just to be different, let’s try a bit of Kiefer……….

funny picturesmoar funny pictures

And, well, I know I said no frills, and I’m really not generally into frills per se, but in this case I think I’ll make an exception. I doubt any of you will disagree……..

original image courtesy of David Tennant Photos



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  1. OMG ish a wah SO CUTE!! *thud*

    *ahem* Sorry, I’ll just… pick myself up, and… yeah.

    Kitteh looks like my surrogate kitteh – fat, orange and anthropomorphic. 🙂

    Comment by Jen | May 23, 2010

  2. I take it you like that then? lol

    it’s that cheeky smile isn’t it?

    Comment by develish1 | May 23, 2010

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