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How about some Cheez?…..

Ok, I’m having a lazy day today due to lack of sleep, again. So I’ve not felt like much like digging through my rather extensive collection of pictures, then finding the right “courtesy of” info etc. in order to post them. Instead though, I’ve had a short rummage through something else……..

As you might have noticed, I’m a member over at Cheezburger and I’ve got a growing collection of DW stuff in my favourites over there. So today you get a few of those, all of which happily already have links attached, which saves me a lot of work, lol.

I have fangirls, smart, nerdy fangirls.  Beat that Pattinson.

Apologies if I shared any of these before by the way. But then since most are yummy pics of DT I doubt any of you will complain.

Captain Jack

Thought I’d throw in a little Barrowman too though, since he’s rather yummy as well, and lets face it, we really don’t care that he’s not straight do we ladies?

I would pay Attention in his class

mmmm, think I’d pay attention to teacher certainly, not sure about the actual school work though, oh and his hair could do with a little more “fluffing”. Ok, ladies, form an orderly queue if you please.

Because Smart   is so very, VERY sexy.

Would any of you argue with that statement? I doubt it, but come on, let’s hear your thoughts. Smart = Sexy? Or is it just Smart + Yummy = Sexy?

Discuss……………..when you’re done “thudding” of course, wouldn’t want to interrupt that now would we?


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  1. Smart is a prerequisite for sexy, but agree, smart needs yummy to = sexy. 🙂

    *thud* Attempt to construct witty response *thud* Try again *thud*


    Comment by Jen | May 19, 2010

  2. you ok down there Jen?

    need a pillow?

    Comment by develish1 | May 19, 2010

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