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Sorry for the later than normal posting, I’ve had a few “technical issues” my end today with updates that didn’t want to update. Anyway, I was reminded recently that I’ve not really mentioned much about my real world family to my growing online one, so today I intend to rectify that a little……..

Firstly, there’s hubby, although that term isn’t exactly accurate, it is however easier than typing “the bloke I live with” lol. Seriously though, we’ve been together over 15 years now so we’re as close to married as you can get, without a bit of paper making it “official”, so that’s the term I’m sticking with.

This is him, in his natural habitat, i.e. in front of the TV.  In this case he’s playing a video game, but often he’s just watching TV or a DVD of some kind. He has a huge collection, covering pretty much all genres, although the Sci-Fi and Horror stuff is the largest part of it. He also loves to read and has a copy of every book Terry Pratchett has written, most of which are hard backs and a large number were signed by the author for him personally. In short he’s a geek, or a nerd, depending on your definition, and he readily accepts either title.

Then of course there’s my “little ones”. No I don’t have children, and I’m not planning to at any point in the future, but I do have 3 cats. The eldest of which is called Misty and she’s now 20 years old, and despite being slightly deaf and a little arthritic is still going strong. Our vet keeps asking what we feed her every time we tell him she’s still around, lol.

Then we have two younger ones, sisters from the same litter, so they’re both almost 13. First there Scamp, who’s very skittish, runs and hides a lot, and doesn’t take kindly to any kind of attention unless it’s on her terms. She does like to play on occasion though, and is often seen wandering around the house with a sock in her mouth attempting to tell the whole world, via a very muffled “mow”, how she’s killed it.

And finally Smudge, named for the dark smudge down her face, who’s far more affectionate, and also the smartest, yet stupidest creature I’ve ever come across. She’s the only cat I’ve had thus far that can figure out how to open an internal door, but can also fall over her own feet due to not paying enough attention. And she’s especially fond of laps, or stomachs if you happen to be lying down, or feet if that’s all she can get at, you get the idea right?

So there you are, that’s my little family, cute aren’t they? Although I’m not sure hubby will thank me for including him in that statement, lol. Another day I might tell you more about me, and even share some pics of my tattoos with you all.

To finish off today though, we simply have to have at least one DT picture don’t we? So in keeping with the “family” theme (yeah it’s a weak link, I know, lol) here’s a screen grab taken from the 2006 show Who Do You Think You Are, where David went in search of his roots, with a film crew in tow of course.

original image courtesy of David Tennant Photos


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  1. Ooowah! Gorgeous family, Dev! 🙂 And gorgeous DT, as well… *sigh*

    Comment by Jen | May 14, 2010

  2. mmm, I do seem to like my men hairy don’t I? lol

    Comment by develish1 | May 14, 2010

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