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I need more sleep……..

I’m a bad person. OK, not maybe bad, depends on your definition. Anyhow, I stayed up all night reading fan fiction over at teaspoon, and I mean ALL night…..

I didn’t head for bed till hubby came home at 6:15 am and threatened to slap me round the head with a dirty sock if I didn’t go get some sleep. In fact I didn’t even go then, I simply insisted I’d go when I’d finished the thing I was reading.

So today I’m tired and my brain is like mush. So in an effort to post “something” I’ve been over at Cheezburger, where I found a bunch of DT themed pics, all captioned by the same person. This person has of course been sent a friend request by yours truly, and you’ll see why…….

Please god, if you there can I be in middle?

Now who wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that? Anyone? Nope, just as I thought, you’re all drooling already at the thought aren’t you?

Intergallatic weapons, two groupies, and a spaceship behind the wall. Now, what did you say about my mother?

That one just made me giggle, simple as that. Oh and then I saw this one, which reminded me of why I was so damned tired in the first place………..

David finally reads his fanfiction

And to finish, an image from an ad, captioned again by the same person, who I think I’m so going to get along well with, don’t you?




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  1. What?
    No-one else *thudding*?
    That can’t be right can it?

    Comment by develish1 | May 12, 2010

  2. Hard to type from floor. Back in ten*.

    *Whether minutes or hours will depend on Teaspoon and the bounce-ability of my carpet…

    Comment by Jen | May 12, 2010

  3. you’re not over there reading the likes of ThroughanAmberFocus are you?

    What? No!

    I’ve only read the clean ones, I just know she’s done a lot of, erm, definitely NSFW stories………

    Comment by develish1 | May 12, 2010

  4. Haha, love that you know the names! My fave atm is Carly, I think, but am at work and can’t check – new office is orientated so’s I can’t see when people are lookin’ at me screen, grr…

    But thanks for the tip, have to stay in this weekend due to sickness so will be good to have something to read. 🙂

    Comment by Jen | May 12, 2010

  5. I know some of them, actually I was reading one by ThroughanAmberFocus earlier, I like her fluffy stuff, lol. I think Aibhinn also does a few NSFW style too, if I remember right.

    Not come across Carly yet, although I will of course have to go and look her up now, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | May 12, 2010

  6. Whoops, sorry, didn’t mean to give you another reason to stay up crazy late!! 🙂 Bless, some of the fluff’s just SO sweet! It makes me happy.

    Comment by Jen | May 13, 2010

  7. yeah, but some’s so sweet it makes my teeth hurt, pretty much all the Ten/Rose reunion stuff no matter the writer.

    And some of the Nine/Rose stuff is even more, well, shall we say colourful? The things I’ve seen suggested as uses for his belt 😯 Oh, hang on, that means admitting I actually read one doesn’t it? 😳 Damn

    Oh and if I stay up all night again I’ll just tell hubby it was your fault. not like he can really come tell you off is it? lol

    Comment by develish1 | May 13, 2010

  8. Aww, mum, someone on the internet’s blaming me again!! No fair. *pout*

    Yeah, I noticed that, actually. Why is it that people seem to assume that because he’s Northern, he’s dodgier? Other than, you know, Northerners… Though I must say I find cheeky more compelling than vaguely dangerous everytime. Must be why all my boyfriends thus far have been geeks.

    “This girl makes passes at boys who wear glasses…”

    Comment by Jen | May 13, 2010

    • not sure it’s the accent, although that might be part of it,but I think it’s more that his personality seemed darker, more the “bad boy” kind of thing, gruff and grumpy. Guess that just lends itself more to a certain style of fan fic.

      On the subject of geeks though, have you seen a pic of mine? Got the glasses, long hair, DVD/video game collection, the whole package, lol


      Comment by develish1 | May 13, 2010

  9. Hmm, very true, although if my years living in teh ‘webs has taught me anything, it’s that people can write any kind of fan fic about any character, and not consider it incongruous. Didn’t someone mention Voldemort/Pikachu slash on YSaC t’other day? That’s just… odd.

    And yes, I’ve seen that pic before! 🙂 Hehe, and you forgot to mention he comes with kitteh! Bless… Actually I think that’s one of the reasons me and the last boy broke up – he was a dog person. *sigh* And a rugby person. *shudder*

    OOOH geek moment – if a geek is the ‘whole package’ can you refer to them as a ‘box set’?!?!? Or am I alone in my 2:30-itis, sugar-crash-insanity?

    Comment by Jen | May 13, 2010

  10. Voldemort/Pikachu? eek! I think I’m glad I missed that part of the discussion.

    Did I not mention the kittys? They’re allegedly mine but he’s a softie with them too. I’ll try to find some pics to post tomorrow.

    “box set”? lol, yeah I guess that would work. So, 2.30pm there (thurs or fri?) when you posted, that would’ve been 3.30am thurs here.

    Need to add another widget to my desktop, I keep getting my times zones confused, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | May 13, 2010

  11. 3:30 am??? Read the title of this post, Dev! Have lovely, DT/JB/JS-full dreams, but have them SOOON! 🙂

    That is my good deed for today. Bees be upon you.

    Comment by Jen | May 13, 2010

  12. bee’s be upon you too, but I’m not tired yet, lol.

    Comment by develish1 | May 13, 2010

  13. *flashback* I swear I had this exact conversation with my mum every night when I was a kid, which hopefully explains why I actually _started typing_ “You’ll be tired once you’re tucked in, darling”.

    Backing away from computer, going to get tea, avoiding emailing or calling anyone important who I might inadvertantly address as ‘mum’ or ‘sweetie’, as clearly I’m not in the right frame of mind to be at work…

    Comment by Jen | May 13, 2010

  14. oh I’ll be off within the hour I assure you. no way I’m still going to be up when he comes home from work today.

    last night I only got the threat of a sock, next time I think I might actually get the sock itself, lol

    Comment by develish1 | May 13, 2010

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