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For a friend…….

I have one particular reader who’s been with me almost since I started blogging. She was also the very first person to leave a comment, and still does often. As I’m sure she knows, I have come to consider her a friend. So these are for her…………….

Whogal, I found these after posting my earlier message, and for some reason I thought of you, lol. Enjoy.

David Tennant finds the only thing that doesn

Grown women buy these? What on earth would they do with... Oh wait, never mind.

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  1. LOL! Yeah, guilty as charged m’lud! 😀

    Comment by whogal | May 12, 2010

  2. Oh, and right back atcha, Dev. Xx

    BTW, in case anyone who knows me reads this, I certainly have NOT
    done ANYTHING mucky with my mini-Doctor – he’s too lovely. Neither
    have I read any mucky stories, I have enough fantasies of my own, ta!

    Comment by whogal | May 12, 2010

  3. yeah, erm, about that second one though, you gotta admit it’s funny as hell 😆

    Comment by develish1 | May 12, 2010

  4. Aww, evidently my dodginess filter is set waaaaaaaaaaaay high today, as I read the second one and imagined people (ok, me) dressing up old Barbies (or Jem dolls in my case) to look like them (again, me) and ‘marrying’ DT. *blush* I blame the sickness and consequent head-full-of-cotton-wool feeling.

    Comment by Jen | May 12, 2010

  5. you mean you mind WASN’T down in the gutter where mine was? 😯

    you must be ill, love.

    Comment by develish1 | May 12, 2010

  6. OK, I have to confess, My mini-Doctor has now seen some action (but very minor, and I didn’t have to wash him afterwards).

    That is all.

    Comment by whogal | May 26, 2010

  7. erm…….okaaaay.

    Comment by develish1 | May 26, 2010

  8. …and so has my not-so-mini-Doctor! 😉

    Well, I’m single! What’s a gal to do?!

    Comment by whogal | June 16, 2010

  9. buy more batteries! 😆

    Comment by develish1 | June 16, 2010

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